Casa Update

This week in Casa we have seen children making beautiful floral arrangements. 

This Practical Life activity requires many steps and an extended period of concentration, while also allowing the child to embellish his or her environment.

We have also noticed many of the math materials being chosen. Materials such as the addition work charts and the memory game of numbers give the children the opportunity to master operations and also extend concentration over a longer period of time.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • December 2 - PD Day and Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • December 21 - Winter concert and social
  • December 23 - Last day of school (winter holidays begin)
  • January 9 - First day of second term

Casa Update

We have seen an explosion of writing in the Casa classroom this week.

In the Casa classroom children are introduced to the movable alphabet (large individual wooden letters) when the child is able to identify a number of sandpaper letters. This Language activity gives further practice with linking letter sounds with letter symbols, and initiates word building. In order to build phonetic words, the child uses the skill of analysis to decipher the sounds in words. An exciting leap into self-expression, work with the movable alphabet enables the child to bring their thoughts to life and communicate through the written word.

This week the large movable alphabet has been taken out to give the children opportunity to create words with the individual sounds they recognize. Some children have been making their own booklets, labels and stories. Cursive writing is ever present as well - this is still very much a favourite.

Just a reminder: if you haven't already selected a time to visit the classroom for a scheduled observation next week, please sign up via the sheet outside of our classroom. Your child will enjoy having you visit the classroom, and it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to observe your child's learning in progress.

Elementary Update

The classroom exploded with an enthusiasm for math this week, with many students working on multiplication and measurement using the metric system.

Work in history continued with discussions of the fundamental needs of human beings and how people have met their needs for shelter, food, and clothing in the past and present. We also enjoyed a Community Outing to the Locke Street Library to select new sources for project research. The class is looing forward to having parents join us during our morning work cycle as fall term observations begin next week.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Achong and Mme. Prat-Kalonji

Elementary Update

The elementary class was a buzz of activity this week with many students completing independent research projects and making their first plasticene models to illustrate their studies.

Our weekly community outing investigated architecture and street art in the Kirkendall neighbourhood, followed by a visit to the studio of local artist and Lyonsgate parent, Dana Cowie. After a demonstration of painting with warm and cool colours, the students worked on their own pieces using acylics on canvas. We would also like to thank everyone who joined us to view our work at our Open House this week. We look forward to welcoming you back again soon for Parent Observations!

Bon Weekend,

Ms. Achong & Mme. Prat-Kalonji

Toddler Community Update

Thank you to the moms who came out for our Toddler sing-a-long and story this week.

We enjoyed dancing and singing to various songs such as "Bonjour mes Amies", "Wheels on the Bus" and danced to "What are you Doing?" and other movement songs. We all had a great time.
The children continue to work very well in the classroom and are beginning to master some activities like the more challenging puzzles and setting up their own table setting for snack and lunch. Great job Toddlers!

Casa Update

Halloween was a key feature in our classroom this week, and we enjoyed learning all about pumpkins. We also saw a strong interest in the bells throughout the week.

Children are born with the ability to hear, but the ability to listen is learned. As children develop the ability to listen, they build the foundation for analysis of language and communication as well as learning proper enunciation and context. Activities in the Practical Life area, such as responding to a bell and the silence game, as well as activities from the Language area such as vocabulary enrichment and language training, develop the child’s ability for focused listening.

Upcoming Dates:

• Tuesday, November 15 – Clothing orders due
• Friday, December 2 – PD Day & Parent Teacher Interviews
• Wednesday, December 21 (tentative date) – Holiday concert and social (5:00-7:00pm)
• Friday, December 23 – Last day of school (winter holidays begin)

Weekly Update

Upcoming Events and News.

A few dates to put in your calendar:

November 1 - Scholastic Orders Due
November 2 - Elementary Outing to Dana Gils' Studio
November 9 - Elementary Outing to Art Gallery of Hamilton

And a few notes:

1) Scholastic Order - due November 1

In lieu of offering a Scholastic book fair at the school, we are encouraging you to peruse this month's flyers. Every order earns us funds for classroom supplies and materials which means that Scholastic offers a win-win for parents and the school - you can get some holiday shopping done easily and encourage your child's love of literacy while supporting the school too!

Book recommendations from our french teachers from this month's Club de lecture flyer:
Toddler - #16 - Mes 100 premiers mots.
Casa - #13 - Un porc-epis dans un sapin. #85 - Chansons et jeux pour Noel.
Elementary - #30 - La ronde des emotions. #101 - Le Petit Nicolas, c'est Noel!

2) Lost Jacket

Our friend Emma in Casa has lost her blue North Face jacket. Kindly check to see if your child has come home with it by accident.

3) Outerwear

Brrr, it's getting cold! Please ensure that your child is coming to school dressed for the weather as we spend at least an hour outside every day. Labelled hats, mittens, neck warmers (not scarves) and warm footwear will ensure that your child stays warm and comfortable while playing at recess.

4) Clothing Order

We have been working hard behind the scenes to find the right company to work with for our school clothing order. We're getting close to finalizing the details so that we can have delivery in time for the holidays.

Weekly Update

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to our Parent Social & Education Nights. They were fun and informative evenings!

Due to a busy week with classroom activities and parent teacher nights, we have a short update on upcoming dates for you this week. Also, be sure to check your child's Seesaw account for classroom photos and updates.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, October 26 - Elementary Community Outing: Casual Gourmet
  • Friday, October 28 - Picture Day
  • Wednesday, November 2 - Elementary Event: Art with Dana Cowie
  • Thursday, November 3 - Toddler Sing & Share/Casa & Elementary Open Houses
  • Friday, November 4 - PD Day (No School)
  • December 5 - 9 - Casa Observations
  • December 13-15 - Elementary Parent-Teacher Interviews
  • Friday, December 16 - Elementary Reports

Elementary Update

The elementary students were thrilled to take their botany and history studies out of the classroom this week with a field study day at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Armed with clipboards and paper for sketching, the students spent the morning working in four of the smaller gardens in Hendrie Park. In the Scent Garden, students explored how fragrance, nectar, and pollen are used to benefit both plants and insects; in the Prehistoric Garden, they studied two tree specimens once thought to be extinct: the Dawn Redwood and the Gingko Biloba.

Afterward, the class turned to a discussion of the types of technology used by humans in the Middle Ages, spending time in the Medieval Garden examining how a sundial works. A final stop in the Medicinal Garden let them discover plants used for keeping different body systems healthy. After all their hard work, the children were happy to gather with the Casa students for lunch and recess in the RBG's natural playground.

Back at school, the class eagerly explored measurement in Math, began work with their spelling groups, and ended the week with the Great Lesson of Human Beings.

We look forward to sharing some of these lessons with you at the first Elementary Parent Education evening on Thursday, October 20.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, October 19 - Community Outing: Locke Street Library
  • Thursday, October 20 - Elementary Social & Parent Education
  • Wednesday, October 26 - Community Outing: Casual Gourmet
  • Friday, October 28 - Picture Day
  • Thursday, November 3 - Elementary Open House
  • Friday, November 4 - PD Day

Enjoy the beautiful autumn weekend ahead,

Ms. Achong & Mme. Prat-Kalonji

Toddler Community Update

Happy Thanksgiving, families! We had a short and busy week including a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Toddlers enjoyed walking through the gardens, and especially liked seeing animals in nature. We spotted a raccoon and many birds along our nature walk, and even had the opportunity to feed chickadees from our hands! Overall the outing was interactive and the weather couldn't have been better.

We don't have very many updates this week as you will have received an email with some notes earlier today.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, October 19th - Toddler Social and Parent Education
  • Friday, October 28th - Picture Day
  • Thursday, November 3rd - Toddler Sing Along
  • Friday, November 4th - PD Day