What is the importance of a three year age mix in a Montessori classroom?

The three year age mix makes for a natural setting similar to society. It promotes an environment where the younger children can learn from the older ones and the older children can act as mentors to them. The ability to ask a peer for help or advice will encourage the child to socialize, learn from and help their surrounding peers.


Why is the Montessori primary program 3 years in duration?

The three years allow the child to be the youngest in the class, looking up to others, the middle, helping the younger and looking up to the older and the oldest, being able to solidify their learning by sharing it and mentoring others. Because the activities progress from simple to more complex and are used as a foundation of knowledge to build on, the child needs to be allotted time to learn on their own and progress through the program as much as they can.


When do children start reading and working in the mathematics area?

The Montessori program has progressive activities that build on concentration, manipulation of the materials and new learning concepts. The Montessori program progresses from concrete materials (which the child can manipulate and touch) to more abstract materials (materials that the child can still manipulate but requires the child to retain information and images). Because reading and math are both abstractions (ideas and symbols thought up and agreed upon by man) the child progresses to them at a later stage than that of the other areas of the classroom.


Why Lyonsgate Montessori School?


  • A Bilingual English-French program
  • Organic snacks daily
  • Licensed under the Child Care and Early Years Act
  • Registered Ontario Private School approved under the Education Act
  • A member of (CCMA) the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators
  • (AMI) Association Montessori Internationale trained staff
  • Staff that went through the Montessori program as children
  • Built in Montessori developed music program (the bells)
  • All staff has first aid and CPR training
  • Parent education evenings
  • Fenced in playground
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Family owned and run school