COVID Updates Now in Effect

We received the updated COVID protocol documents from Hamilton Public Health this week. All Lyonsgate policy and procedure documents have been updated accordingly, as have the website resources, including the screening forms, decision charts that contain the new symptom, exclusion, and return to school requirements, return attestation form, and your “Lyonsgate 2020 – 2021 COVID-19 Supplemental Parent Handbook.”

You can view each of the updated items at the links below, as well as on the Home page and under your “Parents” tab of

Primary Screening Form

Elementary Screening Form

Staff (and essential visitor) Screening Form

Sick Child at Home Decision Chart

Sick Child at School Decision Chart

Return Attestation Form

COVID-19 Supplemental Parent Handbook

You will also find other vital information at, including:

Child and Youth Mental Health Support

COVID-19 Test Booking

Lyonsgate COVID-19 Advisory Page (where information about any positive cases at Lyonsgate will be posted).

You can also view the full COVID policy and procedure documents by following this link.

The following documents have been updated:

Lyonsgate COVID-19 Drop-Off, Pick-up, and Screening Policy and Procedure

Lyonsgate COVID-19 Exclusion of Sick Children and Staff Policy and Procedures

Lyonsgate COVID-19 Mask and PPE Policy and Procedure

Lyonsgate COVID-19 Outbreak Response Plan Policy and Procedure

Lyonsgate COVID-19 Reporting Requirements Policy and Procedure

Thank you all for your ongoing efforts to keep the Lyonsgate community safe and healthy as we navigate through this… interesting… time. One day, it will be a not-so-fond memory.