Would you like your child to attend Lyonsgate Montessori School? Fill out an application form here to introduce yourself and your child, and to be placed on our wait list.

Click here to complete and submit the Lyonsgate Montessori School application form.

The application form gives us a bit of information about you and your child to help us ensure we have the resources and capabilities to best serve your child. Submitted application forms are digitally date and time stamped, and that stamp helps determine your position on the wait list. There is no cost or obligation to you upon submission of an application form. We will contact you if space becomes available relative to your child’s age, our programs, and your position on the wait list.


  • Lyonsgate is currently working to fill the few remaining spaces for the 2022.2023 school year. Once that spot is filled, families remaining on the wait list will be contacted to see if they would like to carry over their wait list position for the 2023.2024 school year, or for spots that become available over the summer or during the school year.

There is no fee to be placed on a Lyonsgate wait list.

Wait List Positions

Certain CCEYA legislated regulations and Lyonsgate policies shall affect various aspects of the number and make-up of each classroom environment, thereby affecting families’ positions on the Wait Lists:

  1. As a Montessori school, Lyonsgate is classified as a “mixed-age grouping” childcare centre, meaning that each level (Toddler, Casa, and Elementary) is made up of children from 2-, 3-, and 6-year age groupings, respectively.
  2. In certain circumstances, and to the best of our ability, we may seek to balance the number of children in each classroom environment, at each age-level. Therefore, Wait List priority and position may be given to children of a specific age, in certain cases.
  3. The “Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014” contains regulated limits on Casa classroom environment make-up. Accordingly, only a certain percentage of the Casa classroom student populations can be made up of children who are 2-years 8-months old as of Sept. 1 during each school year. Wait List positions may be affected by this regulation, in certain cases.