• Lyonsgate Montessori School’s Toddler and Elementary programs are full for the 2024.2025 school year.
  • We are currently making offers to families on our waitlist to fill our Montessori Casa program for September 2024.

There is no fee to be placed on a Lyonsgate waitlist.

Things to Know Before You Apply:

  • Lyonsgate operates as a school, on a school year calendar. Lyonsgate is closed during July and August.
  • Please take a look under the “Parents” tab for items such as the school calendar, lunch menu, hours of operation, parent handbook, and weekly updates to parents that contain photos of our Montessori environments and the Montessori students at work.


Would you like your child to attend Lyonsgate Montessori School? Click the link below to submit an application form and to be placed on our waitlist.

Click here to complete and submit the Lyonsgate Montessori School application form.

The application form gives us a bit of information about you and your child to help us ensure we have the resources and capabilities to best serve your child. Submitted application forms are digitally date and time stamped, which determines your initial position on the waitlist. There is no cost or obligation to you upon submission of an application form. We will contact you if space becomes available relative to your child’s age, our programs, and your position on the waitlist.

Waitlist Positions

Certain Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA) legislated regulations and Lyonsgate policies shall affect various aspects of the number and make-up of each classroom environment, thereby affecting families’ positions on the waitlist:

  1. Lyonsgate assesses each application against an internal rubric. This assessment will impact waitlist positioning.
  2. As a Montessori school, Lyonsgate levels (Toddler, Casa, and Elementary) are made up of children from 2-year, 3-year, and 6-year age groupings, respectively. In certain circumstances, and to the best of our ability, we may seek to balance the number of children in each classroom environment at each age-level. Therefore, waitlist priority and position may be given to children of a specific age, in certain cases.
  3. The CCEYA contains regulated limits on Casa classroom environment make-up. Under a certain licensing tier, a specific percentage of the Casa classroom student population can be made up of children who are younger than 3-years-old as of Sept. 1 at  the beginning of each school year. Wait List positions may be affected by this regulation, in certain cases.