Maria Montessori and Her Method

Dr. Maria Montessori had a broad vision of human education, and she believed that the way to peace was through education. She developed the Montessori method by observing and following the natural development of the child. Based on her observations and experiments as a scientist and doctor, she created specialized materials that children can manipulate and learn from on their own, without adult intervention.

Montessori did not protect her name because her method was based on observation of natural childhood development. To her dismay, many “Montessori” schools started emerging that weren’t following the basic principles of what she had developed. In order to protect her findings, in 1929, Maria Montessori and her son Mario started the Association Montessori International (A.M.I) — an association that protected the Montessori name and method.

Association Montessori International (A.M.I)

“…it is not true that I ‘invented’ what is called the Montessori method. I have studied the child; I have taken what the child has given me and expressed it, and that is what is called the Montessori method.” — Maria Montessori.

At Lyonsgate Montessori School, we strive to adhere to the high standards of the Association Montessori Internationale.

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