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Lyonsgate Montessori School is a fully bilingual, CCMA-accredited Montessori programme for children 18 months to 12 years of age. At Lyonsgate we believe in education of the whole child. We believe that each child develops at their own individual pace and that through guided experiential learning and hands-on activity, we can help them reach their full potential. We encourage children in a positive way, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Back to School: Clarifications and Resources

Hello Lyonsgate Families, Next week we all head back to school. We don't have any new information for you today, but we do have clarification on some policy questions, resources for you to use this school year, and a very important reminder. First the very important reminder. Each communication we have sent to you over the summer has included the following: Please continue to follow all public health guidelines for the health and safety of your family, and the wider community, so that we can all participate in a full and safe 2020.2021 school year. Keep to your social circles/bubbles. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Maintain physical distance. Keeping community transmission rates low is essential. We have also had requests from your fellow Lyonsgate parents this week for us to beg of you all, as we send our children back to school and into shared spaces, to please do what you know is the best and the right thing to do for everyone's health and safety. We have been asked to remind…

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Lyonsgate Staffing, Staggered Start, and Info Update

[This is the body of the August 28 “Lyonsgate Staffing, Staggered Start, and Info Update” email sent to all Lyonsgate families] Hello Lyonsgate Families, Today we have the 2020.2021 school year new staff update for you, all of the required COVID-19 policy documents, staggered start dates, and a few other notes. New Staff This week we want to tell you about the new, amazing staff that will be guiding and caring for your children, but before we do we want to say a warm, heartfelt goodbye to those that have left: Miss Dee, Mlle Nordaam, Miss Moffatt , Mlle Cottone, and Miss Boyle. We were blessed to have those wonderful women with us as long as we did. Some we knew were leaving at the end of the last school year, and the pandemic has definitely had an effect on everyone, giving us the time, and need, to rethink our lives and paths, and in some cases has opened up new opportunities. We wish all these ladies nothing but the best for their future endeavors! We have been updating the staff…

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