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Staff and students must screen/be screened for COVID-19 every day before going to school/child care, after 5:00 a.m. Your screening does not need to be verified.

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Our Mission

Lyonsgate Montessori School is a fully bilingual, CCMA-accredited Montessori programme for children 18 months to 12 years of age. At Lyonsgate we believe in education of the whole child. We believe that each child develops at their own individual pace and that through guided experiential learning and hands-on activity, we can help them reach their full potential. We encourage children in a positive way, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Lyonsgate Update Week of Jan. 23-27, 2023

Hello Lyonsgate Families, Please see below for updates from the past week at Lyonsgate Montessori School. Toddler Casa Elementary Photo Gallery Toddler It looks like winter has finally arrived at Lyonsgate! At last, the children were able to use the snow shovels that they have been eagerly eyeing in the shed the past few months. Although it was an extra short week with back-to-back snow and PD days, we managed to have a lot of fun, work hard, make art, dance, and bake a delicious cinnamon and raisin loaf. Fingers crossed that there will be enough snow over the weekend to keep the winter fun going, but not enough to keep us from spending the time together. Stay warm! Mr. Davis. Casa Bonjour tout le monde, Since our return from the holidays, Casa students have been busy working in French with different animals, animal books, and learning about the cold weather. They enjoy studying the frog lifecycle. If you hear them talking about frogs, or making frog sounds, they have learned…

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Lyonsgate Update Week of Jan. 16-20, 2023

Hello Lyonsgate Families, With the start of the winter term we’re happy to announce the addition of Ms. Rebecca Bye to the staff at the Lyonsgate Primary campus. Ms. Bye will be filling the support role at Lyonsgate, so all of your Casa and Toddler children will get to know her as she supports all of the classrooms, covers recess and other outdoor periods, and lends her helping hands where needed. Ms. Bye will be in the role while Ms. Duhig is on maternity leave to welcome the third child into their lovely family. Ms. Duhig will begin her leave on Friday, Jan. 27, and we know that you will join us in wishing her, her husband, and her two children (and Lyonsgate students) all the best as their family grows. Please read below for updates from the past week. Toddler Casa Elementary Photo Gallery Toddler [Sorry, no toddler photos this week] Greetings Wonderful Toddler Families, This week in our community, we are observing toddlers working on their interpersonal skills. Sometimes…

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