Lyonsgate offers an authentic, CCMA-accredited Montessori programme in a bilingual environment at every level. Each classroom is led by an A.M.I.-trained Montessori directress, and further supported by a fluent French-speaker who interacts with the children only in French to facilitate second language acquisition. A nutritious hot lunch programme is available to all of our students through Food for Tots, and a healthy snack of organic fruit and vegetable is provided every morning and afternoon. An enthusiasm for learning is cultivated at all levels with a respect for individual interests and an emphasis on self-confidence, kindness, and grace and courtesy.


The elementary programme provides a holistic education for social development, emotional well-being, and high academic engagement.


The Montessori classroom is a sensory rich environmental which promotes a love for learning and higher concentration levels.


The practical life area has activities that surround the child in everyday life such as pouring, cutting and sweeping.

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