Elementary Update

Elementary students began work in Botany this week with an experiment studying the basic needs of plant life.

Students teamed up to make daily observations of plants under different conditions, working together to write descriptions and illustrate how their plant had changed. Our study of the history of life on Earth continues with an exploration of fossils, and the Paleozoic Era.

In Language, the children have been enthusiastically singing songs learned during their A.I.M. French lessons, as well as studying different types of nouns and adjectives. They have also been exploring the French readers and using more conversational French during the work cycle. Work in Math continues to be focused on the four operations using the stamp game and bead frames.

During our Community Outing this week, the class was thrilled to begin cooking in partnership with The Casual Gourmet in Westdale Village, exploring new tastes and learning to cut a variety of vegetables as they assembled their personal pizzas. It was also our first opportunity to wear our new Lyonsgate t-shirts, which should be washed and returned to school at the beginning of each week in preparation for the next Community Outing. Students are welcome to keep their clean t-shirts at school so they are always available when needed.

Next Week:

Monday: P.D. Day - No School for Students
Tuesday: Field Trip to Puddicombe Estate Farms
Wednesday: Cross-Country Run at LaSalle Park **Lyonsgate Shirt, Water Bottle, & Outdoor Running Clothes Needed

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Achong & Mme. Prat-Kalonji

Elementary Update

Students proudly tried on their new Lyonsgate t-shirts on Friday afternoon, following an interesting trip to Next Day T-shirts to learn how computers are used to create decals for shirts, and getting to try out the equipment.


It has been an exciting week in Elementary with the second Great Lesson: The Coming of Life and an exploration of the different eras in Earth's history.

The children were thrilled to begin sewing in the classroom, and to receive an invitation from the Locke Street Library to attend a science workshop about weather where they learned about rainbows.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Estella's dad, Drew Hauser, for volunteering his time and skills to help our students practice for their upcoming cross-country running event. The students enjoyed running the streets and trails around the school, and made it all the way up the Dundurn stairs as a team. Do you have a special skill or talent that you would like to share with our elementary students (basketball, volleyball, stilt-walking)? We'd love to hear from you!

We're looking forward to a trip into Westdale next week!

Casa Update

Puzzle maps and flags have been popular activities in our Casa classroom this week.

Spontaneous presentations on cleaning have been popular, as some of our older students have been showing an interest in caring for their environment.

French songs have been popular in class, and you may hear your children singing 'Pomme de Reneitte, pomme d'Api" at home this weekend. They have also been enjoying reading a french story about apples with Mme. Murati.

At circle time, the children have enjoyed sharing a greeting song that reviews all of their friend's names, as well as their teachers.

Notes for next week:

  • Please supply a labeled water bottle for your child to keep at school
  • Field trip forms went home today. Please review and return with payment next week.
  • If you have received an immunization form, please fill out and return by the end of next week.

Toddler Community Update

Meal times in the toddler community are a time of socialization and learning. Grace and courtesy are integral to our meal time routines.

All toddlers in our community sit at a child-sized table and practice feeding themselves from the first day of school. As they get used to the routines of the classroom, even our newest classmates are now learning grace of movement by setting the table with child-sized dishes and glasses.

This week the dressing frames have been a popular activity in the classroom. Many of our toddlers have been given presentations with the velcro and snap frames, and are now practicing these new skills.

Our days in the toddler community are peppered with song and dance. The current favourite (and most requested) song is 'The Wheels on the Bus'.

Next week we are looking forward to baking bread together.

A special thank you to Bennett's family for providing flowers this week.

Notes to Parents for next week:

  • please send your toddlers with labeled, reusable water bottles for the classroom.
  • If you have received a vaccination form, please complete and return it by the end of next week.
  • Field trip forms were sent home today. Please review, sign and return with your payment next week.

Elementary Update

Our first year of elementary began in a pretty epic way with a hands-on creation of the universe presentation. This is a memorable lesson to begin our school year and includes demonstrations using solids and liquids to show how the continents and oceans first came together.

Lessons like these are an important and unique part of the Montessori curriculum. These lessons are bold, exciting, and are designed to awaken a child's imagination and curiosity. The child should be struck with the wonder of creation, thrilled with new ideas, and awed by the inventiveness and innovation that is part of the human spirit.

In the classroom, children have got right to work with the materials. A favourite activity at the moment is geometry: looking at similar, congruent and equivalent figures. For any classroom questions, please contact marissa@lyonsgate.ca.

The french program is going well. Children are hearing french all day, receiving individual or small group presentations depending on their levels, during the day. They also have a french class three times a week in which they learn, through a french only environment and repetitions, to confidently speak in french. There is no evaluations or individual questioning that could make them uncomfortable. We use the AIM method that combines gestures and oral expressions as a group. The goal is to put together two plays throughout the year. We'll keep in touch and give you more details as rehearsals will start. You received a newsletter that presented the AIM program. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact Mme. Prat-Kolanji at anne@lyonsgate.ca

Our first two community outings took us on explorations of our surrounding neighbourhood. The children enjoyed a scavenger hunt on Dundurn and Locke Streets last week, followed by exploration and historical discovery along the Chedoke Rail Trail this week.

In physical education, we are making the most of this beautiful weather by getting outdoors. This month we are running throughout the neighbourhood, working up to a friendly cross-country running event with two other schools in October. Please ensure that your child has running shoes on Thursdays. For any phys. ed. related questions, please contact admin@lyonsgate.ca.

Casa Update

All of our students, new and returning, are now in class after a staggered entry and settling into a nice rhythm. Our new students are beginning to receive presentations with the materials, and returning students have returned to working with materials that they have missed during the summer months. 

Recycling has been a topic of interest in the classroom this week, and was discussed along with a story about recycling at circle time.

Mrs. Kennedy, Miss Boyle and Mme. Murati have been encouraging children to place outdoor shoes under their cubby and indoor shoes on the white shoe rack. Please assist your child by encouraging the proper placement of their shoes upon arrival and dismissal.

In french lessons, children have enjoyed greeting each other in french, working with phrases such as "bonjour mes amis", and "comment ca va?".

On Tuesdays Casa students have been participating in physical education classes. Running shoes are always a great idea for gym days, if your child does not already have indoor runners at school. Our first unit in phys. ed. is games focusing on body awareness and movement.

We would like to say a big thank you to Cooper G's family for providing a fresh bouquet of flowers for the classroom this week. If you are interested in providing flowers in the classroom for the students to practice flower arranging, we have a sign-up sheet located across from the office.

Toddler Community Update

As we wrap up our second week in the toddler community, we are already seeing our newest students settling into the classroom well, and our returning students becoming engaged in their classroom work. 

The beginning of the school year in our toddler community has been ushered in with many happy faces and some transitional tears that are quickly subsiding. Today we began our weekly music and movement program, which the toddlers highly enjoyed!

For parents new to the toddler community (and those who may have forgotten), please be sure to check the board in the classroom at the end of the day before you pick up your child. This is where we record your child's activities of the day - check here for details about napping, eating, and toileting.

Our toddlers are presented with flower arranging as a lesson in our classroom. If you would like to donate a fresh bouquet of flowers for the classroom one week in September or October, please see the sign-up sheet beside the classroom.