Parent Involvement

Montessori believed that the best way for a child to succeed is to have the parents and the Montessori trained Directress on the same page about the development of the child. At Lyonsgate we feel that parental involvement is key for every child’s success and work constantly with the parents to provide the best education we can!

The Montessori Directress keeps open lines of communication at all times with the parents through parent teacher phone interviews as well as unscheduled talks with parents about concerns andéor progress that the child is having in the classroom.

Show & Share

Casa and Toddler parents are invited into the classroom for Show & Share events where your children show some of the Montessori materials they work with and share a little about their daily activities in their Montessori classroom.

Parent Education Evenings

Parent education and involvement is a big part of our program. Parent education evenings are scheduled throughout the school year. At the education evenings the Montessori Directress discusses different areas of the montessori classroom as well as certain aspects of the Montessori philosophy. This is a great opportunity for all parents to learn more about the Montessori Method.

Parent Observations

Parents of children at our school are invited into the classroom throughout the school year to see their child “working” in the classroom. It is a wonderful experience as parents get to see their child interact with other students and some of the materials that they work with!

Parent Library

We have a library of books available for the parents of our school. Parents are encouraged to sign out books and/or videos to learn and understand more about the Montessori philosophy.