Lyonsgate Winter Holiday Message

Hello Lyonsgate Families,

As we near the end of 2020, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting your children to us through all the new experiences that this school year has brought. While it has presented many challenges to us as adults, the children have proven their ability to adjust to new situations with ease. It has been magical to watch in awe as the children acclimatize and flourish with all the changes. Their level of adaptability is nothing short of inspiring! If only we could all adapt the way a child does, what a peaceful and joyful world we could live in!

We want to wish you all two wonderful weeks of festive merriment, rest, and fun family time. This holiday season will be different than any of us have experienced before. Celebrate safely, stay healthy, and please make the best choices for your family, the school community, and the community at large.

We are all being asked to celebrate with our own households only and to avoid travel and social gatherings. If you do travel or extend your celebration circles, please follow the relevant guidelines from Hamilton Public Health.

The Provincial government has both an overview webpage with guidance to “Celebrate Safely During COVID-19,” including “Ten Safe and Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season.”

The Government of Canada has a webpage listing restrictions and requirements for:

Primary Morning Screening Change

When we return in January, with the colder weather it brings, morning screening will be moved to the glass foyer entrance of the synagogue (off the parking lot). Starting in the new year, please walk your child to the glass foyer doors of the synagogue. Once clear from other families, please enter for your child to have their temperature checked inside the foyer. Toddler students will be escorted by a teacher directly to their classroom from the foyer. Casa students will continue to need to be escorted to the black gate, where they will be greeted by a member of their cohort staff.

In Case of Closure

If the holiday break is extended or closures are announced, Lyonsgate will shift to remote, at-home learning.

Note on Terminology:

If it is announced that “schools” are closed for an extended break, this will affect the Elementary campus only; Casa and Toddler students at the Primary campus will still be able to attend Lyonsgate Montessori.

If it is announced that “child care” (or “licensed child care“) is closed, that means the Primary campus (Casa and Toddler) will be closed.

The most likely scenario is that “schools” will be closed before “child care,” but keep an eye on the wording of any closure announcements. We will of course let you know.

In the event of an extended break or closure announcement, materials and online schedules are ready to support you. Details will be shared within the first two days of the winter term (Jan. 4 and 5). In the meantime, you can review the plans for at-home on pages 16-19 of your “COVID-19 Supplemental Handbook.”

2021.2022 Registration

Registration for the 2021.2022 school year, along with fee schedules, will also be distributed when we return in January. Thank you for your patience as we work through the difficulties the current year presents while planning for the future.

While we will miss the winter concert, we hope you enjoy the special videos shared by each classroom, and we look forward to our return in January.

Enjoy a well-deserved break and rest everyone, and celebrate safely in all the wonderful ways you do.