Welcome to the 2019.2020 Lyonsgate Montessori School Year


We are very excited to welcome all of our students, those new and those returning, to Lyonsgate Montessori School for the 2019.2020 school year. Here’s what you need to know:

Start Dates:

Tuesday, September 3, is the first day of school for:

  • Returning Toddler students, and Toddlers that have older siblings at Lyonsgate.
  • Returning 2nd and 3rd year Casa students.
  • All Elementary students.

Thursday, September 5, is the first day of school for:

  • Students that were in Lyonsgate Toddler last year and are moving into Casa this year.

Monday, September 9 — Wednesday, September 11:

  • Staggered start dates for students new to Lyonsgate Casa and Toddler. If you are unsure of your child’s start date, please contact admin@lyonsgate.ca.

Smooth Transitions

There will be tears. In order to make your children’s transition to school as smooth as possible, please follow these guidelines:

  • Casa families, right from the first day, please say goodbye to children at the entrance door and allow them to enter the school independently. Do not accompany children upstairs.

If children have extra stuff the first week, extra staff will be on hand to help carry it, and of course to escort and comfort tearful children.

Establishing a consistent routine will make the transition period much easier for your children.

  • Toddler families, please accompany your child to the Toddler cloak area where they will be greeted and assisted in getting ready to enter the classroom. A quick hug and kiss, reassurance that you will see them later in the day, and a definitive departure will help your child adjust to their new school routine more than you can imagine.

Dropping our young children off at school is one of the most difficult things we do as parents. Please be assured that years of experience have taught us that prolonged goodbyes and an extra…, or a just this time, truly makes the adjustment more difficult for children.


At the end of the day, please do not leave with your child before they say goodbye and shake the hand of their classroom teacher on the playground. For your child’s safety, we record departure times.

Casa parents, if you have questions about your child’s day or information to share, please come into the school before you go to the playground. The Lyonsgate staff supervising the playground must keep their attention focused on the children. Thank you.

Before, After, and Extended Care

We recently sent out a link to register for Before School Care, After School Care, and Extended Care. If you still need to register for Before School Care (8:00-8:30) | After School Care (Elementary and Toddler only, 3:30-4:30) | or Extended Care (Casa and Elementary only, 4:30-5:00), please click here.

All extra care takes place at the Primary (Aberdeen) campus.

Addressing and Contacting Staff

Children at Lyonsgate address the staff as follows:

Toddler Staff:

Ms. Dee

Mr. Davis

Mademoiselle Noordham

The Toddler staff can be contacted at toddler@lyonsgate.ca.

Casa North Staff:

Ms. Boyle

Ms. Sullivan

Monsieur Bouquin

Casa North can be contacted at casanorth@lyonsgate.ca.

Casa South Staff:

Ms. Moffatt

Ms. Kamongue

Mademoiselle Paul

Casa South can be contacted at casasouth@lyonsgate.ca.

[Note: the Casa and Toddler email addresses are different than last year, but your old contacts will still work]

Elementary Staff:

Marissa [marissa@lyonsgate.ca]

Michelle [michelle@lyonsgate.ca]

Madame Egan [janice@lyonsgate.ca]

Administration Staff:

Mrs. Lyons [rachel@lyonsgate.ca]

Mrs. Kennedy [admin@lyonsgate.ca]

Ms. Mattar [admin@lyonsgate.ca]

Jason (Elementary administration) [jason@lyonsgate.ca]


Each classroom at Lyonsgate Montessori uses Seesaw to share photos and videos of your children. Look for an email from your child’s teachers soon about how to sign up and join this year’s Seesaw classes.

Seesaw is a private system and we ask that families do not share photos or videos to personal social media accounts.

Lyonsgate Website

Our website is lyonsgate.ca.

Although it looks and functions the same as last year, we have made some upgrades that make it more secure and that will allow us to make it a better resource for you. Under the “Parents” tab you will now find:

  • An online Lyonsgate calendar. This calendar will be updated throughout the year and is your go-to source for what’s happening, and when, at Lyonsgate Montessori School.
  • The Lyonsgate Parent Handbook. The Parent Handbook contains everything you need to know during your child’s time at Lyonsgate Montessori School. You can view it on the website in an embedded PDF viewer for easy navigation. The “Table of Contents” is hyperlinked so you can jump straight to the section you need.