Lyonsgate Weekly Update | Friday, Sept. 6, 2019

One week down, 45 more to go (minus a few for the winter and March breaks). We have some new Casa children still to join us, and we hope everyone had a great first week — both children, and moms and dads that had to say goodbye to tearful tiny people. Your hearts are not permanently broken, and children will be used to their new routines and excited to see their friends at school in no time.

This is your first weekly update of the school year. Every Friday, we post an update to the website. You will find it in the “Updates & Announcements” section under the “Parents” tab. We will also send you an email digest containing any important dates or events to remember and a link to the full update post.

Be sure to read the full website post because it will contain updates from your children’s  Montessori guides and assistants, as well as photos of your children in their Montessori environments. We’ll start taking photos in the next week or two once children are feeling settled and comfortable.

Keep a close eye on the “Coming Up” section at the end of each update. This week it highlights two parent education events coming up next week:

  • Montessori 101: An introduction to Montessori education for parents of new Toddler and Casa children. It will take place at the Primary (Aberdeen) campus and will be hosted by Lyonsgate principal Rachel Lyons. We hope to see all new Toddler and Casa parents there on Thursday, Sept. 12, from 9:00-9:45 a.m.
  • Second Plane Parent Education: Our Elementary Montessori guides will discuss the Second Plane of childhood development and what you can expect from your changing child. We’d love to see all parents of new Elementary students and all parents of 3rd year Casa children at the Lyonsgate Elementary campus, at 248 Locke St. S., on Thursday, Sept. 12, from 3:30-4:15 p.m. This parent education session will be hosted by Montessori Elementary guide Marissa Achong.


Welcome to the first week Montessori Toddler at Lyonsgate. There were lots of tears, but also lots of comforting.

It is heartwarming to witness the returning older children in the classroom; they have been so empathetic towards the new children. More new Toddler children will arrive next week, so the harmonies during the morning will increase dramatically. It is important for parents to remember to drop children off with teachers in the cloakroom area and to give a quick goodbye. We know it is hard to do, but it is the best thing to do for your child and will allow them to adjust to the daily school routine more quickly.

As children are adjusting, they may choose to eat a few bites of their food and drink very little of their water. It is important to encourage them to eat a full breakfast in the morning so that they don’t become too hungry during the school day. Snacks for after school when you’ve picked up are a good idea too.

Don’t forget to register on Seesaw for updates from the Toddlers!

All of the Toddler staff are very much looking forward to this school year and all of the new faces, friends, and memories we will make together. Working together as a staff, as a community with the children, and as partners with parents, we can make it through these first few weeks of change in children’s lives, and in yours. Know that you can have faith in your children; they are fine, and they will continue to grow and change and develop, and we are taking great, compassionate care of them. Don’t forget to breathe, relax your shoulders, and show them your brave, calm face, and give them the biggest hugs ever when you pick them up every day.

Miss Dee

Casa South

Welcome back to Casa South! What a great first week back, we missed you all! We hope everyone had a great summer!  It was so wonderful to watch the returning children fall back into their routines, friendships, and favourite activities. We welcomed four new friends from Toddler with open arms; it is such a delight watching the second and third year children helping our new friends learn the ropes. Lots of presentations were had (with more in store). We can’t wait to see what the year has to offer!

Miss Moffatt

Casa North

Hello Casa North Families!

Wow! What a start to the year. It never ceases to amaze me that the first day of school can be so beautiful, so purposeful, and so quiet! The returning students fell right back into their regular routine — it was evident that they had missed their Montessori environment and were eager to reconnect with the materials they had been missing. A few refreshers about the order of the day and they were well on their way to fostering a happy and functioning classroom.

Last year’s Toddler graduates moved up seamlessly and were thrilled to enter their roles as first-year Casa students. I was constantly moved this week by the peer leadership and empathy that our new third-year students showed to the younger ones.

We are looking forward to having a few brand new children join our community next week; by next Friday our group will be complete. Thank you for your patience and support of Casa North, and for encouraging each and every child to start their day independently (right from the front door!). We are looking forward to a great 2019-2020 school year.

With warmth and excitement,

Miss Boyle


The first week of school is always packed with other “firsts,” even for those students returning to Elementary. It may be the first time coming to class without a favourite friend, or bravely setting off in the morning to walk to school on your own. It is a new class dynamic with a shifting social structure as children age, friendships change, and new students (and guides) enter the mix. Despite the new challenges facing them, each student rose to the occasion this week and has begun to settle into the rhythm of school.

We played icebreakers, sang songs, listened to the class read-aloud “The Mouse and the Motorcycle,” and all together received the classic Montessori First Great Lesson of the Creation of the Universe.

We ended our week happily exploring the fields of Plan B Organic Farm, tasting the produce as we harvested, and returning to school full of joy. Check Seesaw for photos of our day.

Thank you for sharing your children with us and growing our school community. We are excited for the adventure to continue next week!

With love from the Elementary campus,

Marissa, Michelle, Mme. Egan, and Jason.

Handbook Highlight

Every now and then, we will highlight a section from the Parent Handbook for you. This week, we’re highlighting the “Disease and Illness” section starting on page 95 [p. 97 in the embedded viewer]. This section outlines requirements from both the Ministry of Education and Hamilton Public Health regarding children’s illness, and includes a table from Public Health that provides guidelines on when children must remain absent from school, and for how long, depending on their illness.

Now that children are together at school each day, they are going to get sick. We know that having to leave work to pick up sick children and having to miss work to stay home with sick children can be difficult. If we all work together to manage illnesses in the school we can all have a healthier, happier school year.

Thank you.

Coming Up

Keep an eye on the Lyonsgate calendar for upcoming and updated information about what’s going on at Lyonsgate Montessori School.

  • Thursday, Sept. 12, 9:00-9:45 a.m.: Montessori 101. This is a Montessori Orientation event for parents of new Toddler and Casa children. It will take place at the Primary (Aberdeen) campus and will be hosted by Lyonsgate principal Rachel Lyons.
  • Thursday, Sept. 12, 3:30-4:15 p.m.: Second Plane Parent Education. This parent education session is for parents of new Elementary parents, and for all 3rd year Casa families. It will take place at the Lyonsgate Elementary campus at 248 Locke St. S. and will be hosted by Montessori Elementary guide Marissa Achong. Elementary children not registered for after or extended care will be accompanied in the Elementary backyard.