Lyonsgate Weekly Update | June 28, 2019

Hello Lyonsgate Montessori Families,

I want to thank you for reading along all year. My hope is that these weekly updates have helped keep you informed about what’s going on at Lyonsgate Montessori School, and offered you glimpses inside your children’s Montessori environments.

It’s been a true pleasure getting to know your children this year. I think you have made an excellent choice in choosing Montessori education for your children. My own children attended Montessori and I have seen many Montessori schools in action. Rest assured that Lyonsgate does Montessori right, and very well. Also, know that we don’t rest on our laurels; Lyonsgate staff was back at school preparing for next year the day after the year-end concert and graduation.

Once things are in place we’ll be joining your children in a much deserved summer break, and will be back to school mid-August, refreshed and revitalized, getting ready to welcome your returning children to the next stage of their developmental journey, as well as children new to both Lyonsgate and Montessori at all levels. Lyonsgate continues to grow and develop right alongside your children.

Have an amazing summer together; make memories, plan to have no plan every now and then, get dirty, explore the woods, swim, build, grow, pick, eat, drink, laugh, smile, make other people laugh and smile, do something scary, get up and then go back to bed, invite everyone over for an impromptu BBQ, ride a bike, or learn to ride a bike, go to a festival, ride a bike to a festival, read a book, then read another book, climb some trees, buy fruits and vegetables from a local farmer, slide on waterslides, make a backyard waterslide, make a rope-swing, build a big campfire, go camping, teach the kids to mow the lawn, call in sick cuz it’s a nice day, play outside in the pouring rain, play board games, build a model, start a puzzle, finish it if you want, or don’t, whatever, it’s summer and you and your kids deserve to relax and not care and enjoy each other’s company, and we’ll hear all about it in September. — Jason.

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Thank you all for an amazing year. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you for entrusting us with your children! I appreciate every attempt and success made in speaking to me in French or trying to figure out what I am saying. It’s a wonder to see the understanding the children now have of the French language, and the parents’ as well. I wish you all a warm and adventurous summer. — Mlle. Noordham

To the wonderful parents of Toddler Class 2019.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your children’s lives for this year. I have had the privilege of watching many of your children go from starting confused and overwhelmed in the classroom to seeing them stepping up and showing their classmates how to take care of their environment and each other. I met children that sometimes had only a few words to use that can now have full conversations with me, and I have loved getting to know them in the process. I know that they have so much more growing to do, and I feel reassured to know that they will have your love and support while they do it.

Thanks for a great year,

Emily Colbert

It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of the school year! I have watched the Toddlers develop their unique potential through their constructive power, and witnessed incredible milestones involving language, motor skills, and toilet learning. They have developed into leaders, attained challenging work that pushes for concentration and critical thinking, and developed their resilience through various changes ranging from new students to unpredictable snow days.

The Toddlers have displayed positive socialization on various occasions — they moved from the natural state of egocentrism to an altruistic state. Empathy was displayed daily — they made it their duty to ask a sensitive child if they are okay, reassured them that they will be, and proceeded to bring their concern to an adult’s attention. The end of the school year has fortuitously transformed some of the works in the classroom to duo or group work in order to fulfill their need for socialization. One of my favourite memories was listening to a child create a song about washing dishes and happily expressing, “We’re washing dishes!”

An explosion of language occurred amongst the younger Toddlers — by the end of the school year they began forming four to five word sentences and were able to actively participate in conversations with their older peers. The Toddlers’ understanding of French has been incredible to witness — they have carried lengthy conversations with Mlle. Noordam and have even translated some of her conversations.

The Toddlers took pride in baking independently and sharing it with some of the staff at the school. There were many moments where we were able to sit and observe them in awe — they had reached a level of independence where they worked as if the adults were not around.

The end of the school year is marked by changes of course — we have a large group of children moving on to Casa and the three children from January will become second year students in the fall. This time of the year proves to be bittersweet — I am proud to see the Toddler’s transition to Casa but will miss the piece of the puzzle they represent in our little community. Nevertheless, I have wonderful memories created by each child, individually upon which I will reflect for the upcoming year, and really throughout the course of my professional life.

I want to thank you all for entrusting your children to our care. I know those precious hours away from them can be difficult, and I am beyond thankful to have been a witness to their developmental milestones. The children have expressed their excitement about summer break — these extra weeks will give you the opportunity to be spectators to their developmental milestones and adjust the home environment to fulfill their current needs.

I will be thinking of them, truly, and will cherish the footprints they have left in my heart. It has been my greatest privilege to watch their personalities unfold. Thank you all for an astounding year, these beautiful children, and wonderful memories.

Cheers to an adventurous summer! — Ms. Dee

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Casa South: I can’t believe another school year is complete! I am so proud of all the hard work done by the students in Casa South!

It was so exciting to see children tie their own shoes for the first time, or read their first word… and even the simple moments, such as pouring water into a glass without spilling! Everyone grew, everyone learned.

I also want to extend a huge thank you to all of the Casa South parents! Thank you for attending Parent Education Nights, for bringing your children on time (most of the time!), and for being a part of our Lyonsgate Montessori community.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and fun summer. I hope it is full of lots of time with family and friends. For those of you moving on to new schools and to our Elementary school, I wish you all the best (I will miss you!)

Lots of Love, Miss Moffatt.

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Casa North: Wow, I can’t believe the end of our year has arrived. This time of year is always filled with reflection for me — thinking about how far each child has come is all the inspiration we need as Montessorians to stay true to what we are doing. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for sharing your little ones with us. Whether it be providing flowers, attending parent education evenings, joining your child in the classroom for a Show and Share, or coming in for an observation, your support of the school does not go unnoticed.

From tears and hugs in September to happily skipping up the stairs, the children have progressed in countless ways. I’m sure you see many changes at home, but please know that your child is also a contributing member of a functioning, independent, and beautiful community in Casa North.

Thank you for all that you do. Have a safe and fun summer. For those of you moving on, thank you and good luck! For those returning, we will see you in September for another great year! — Ms. Boyle

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The final weeks and days of school pass by far too quickly, with the classroom humming with busy students, final projects, looming deadlines, and the excitement of sleepovers, canoe trips, and the year-end play.

It is a bittersweet time for guides in the Montessori environment as the students increasingly separate from the adults, supporting each other and showing greater individual grit and determination to succeed. It is wonderful to see each child’s growth and development throughout the school year, yet we also know that the child we say goodbye to in June will not reappear in the fall. They will have grown and changed again after a summer full of new experiences and adventures.

Our Montessori students thrive not only because of the wonderful environment you have chosen for them, but because of your on-going support and participation in their life and school. You have kept on top of important dates, reminded your child to have the appropriate clothing and tools, and, most of all, known when to stop helping. You have joined us for parent education evenings, show and share events, concerts, project presentations, community outings, and more. It is because of your efforts and wonderful children that our little community is flourishing, and for that we are very grateful.

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing little humans with us. It has been our privilege to guide each of them as they travel their own paths. Have a wonderful summer together.

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