Toddler Community Update

Mmmm, fresh bread! The toddler community was smelling wonderful on Thursday, when the toddlers made bread with Miss. Hinzmann. 

The children took turns scooping and pouring ingredients, practicing their hand-eye coordination, focus, and concentration.

As we move into colder weather, just a reminder to ensure that your child comes to school prepared for the weather. Rainy days are great for puddle jumping exploration, as long as our little ones are prepared with splash pants and rain boots.

We also request that your toddler comes to school dressed for success in independence. Try to limit dressing your child in onesies and overalls, as this makes it challenging for your child to independently toilet. Your best bet is separate tops, layered, and pants with an elasticized waist. The easier it is for your child to undress and dress themselves, the more successful they will be in achieving independence.

Next Week:
Monday: P.D. Day – No School for Students
Tuesday: Half Day Field Trip to Puddicombe Estate Farms

Permission slips for our RBG field trip went home last night (and some will come home tonight). Please return by Thursday, October 6th. Parents or approved caregivers are once again required to provide transportation and join their toddlers on this trip.