Elementary Update

What a busy week we have had in Elementary! 

The elementary class was triumphant at the Cross Country Run in Burlington this week, with all of our students successfully completing the course in LaSalle Park. They showed great sportsmanship as they put forth their best effort and cheered on their classmates. Congratulations go to Estella Hauser and Martha Lyons, who came in 1st and 2nd place overall for girls ages 6 – 9; they will follow up their success by running in the Lee Academy Cross-Country Invitational later this month. We would also like to recognize Claire Sinnott and Ieva Velaniskis for placing 2nd and 3rd in the Grade 1 girls sub-group. Thank you Coach Drew Hauser for guiding us in our training and supporting us on the race day!

The class was busy this week creating plaster replicas of fossilized trilobites, developing map and compass skills as they went in search of geocaches on the Bruce Trail, and sewing bookmarks to use at school. After a great community day at Puddicombe Estate Farms, the class is ready to head to the RBG next week for lessons in Botany and History in the Hendrie Gardens.

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We wish you all a wonderful long weekend!

Ms. Achong & Mme. Prat-Kalonji