Casa Update

Casa students have continued to show great interest in the puzzle maps this week, as well as the flags.

A favourite activity has been matching the flags. This activity has led to spontaneous conversations among the children, discussing countries they have lived in or visited, and countries in which they have family. A conversation was overheard between two younger Casa students as they matched the Canadian flag.
Student 1: “This is Canada’s flag. I live in Canada.”
Student 2 (with excitement): “Really? I live in Canada too!!”

In phys. ed. students were introduced to the basics of floor hockey with stick handling and manoeuvring with a stick. The students particularly enjoyed manoeuvring around the pylons in our obstacle course. Next week we will progress to using small pucks.

Next Week:
Monday: P.D. Day – No School for Students
Tuesday: Field Trip to Puddicombe Estate Farms

Permission slips for our RBG field trip went home last night (and some will come home tonight). Please return by Thursday, October 6th. Parents are welcome to join us on the RBG trip, with payment of $17/adult.