January 2022 Return to School Information

Hello Lyonsgate Community,

Following yesterday’s provincial announcement about the return to school next week we have been receiving further details and are expecting more soon. Here is everything we know so far:
Primary Campus Return: Primary (Casa and Toddler) will open to students on Monday, January 3.
Elementary Campus Return: Elementary will open to students on Wednesday, January 5.
Required Daily Screening: Validation of screening is in effect until further notice. The list of exclusionary symptoms will be updated but the revised screening forms have not yet been released. From the Ministry of Education:
Anyone who has symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 or is a confirmed positive case must self-isolate, regardless of vaccination status … [and] household members, including siblings, stay home until the household member experiencing symptom(s) is cleared from their isolation.
You must complete and submit the relevant, updated screening form each morning before arriving to drop off students, and that screening form submission must be verified by Lyonsgate staff when students are dropped off at school.  Once released, updated screening forms can be found on the Home page at lyonsgate.ca
Plan for Increased Absences: All of the Ministry communications are asking us to tell you to prepare for increased absences over the next little while as symptom and isolation requirements are tightened. This will impact both students and staff.
Isolation Periods: The isolation period for children under 12 years of age (Lyonsgate students) has been reduced to 5 days from the onset of symptoms. Students may return to school after 5 days “if their symptoms are improved for at least 24 hours.” An updated Return Attestation form is likely coming from Hamilton Public Health along with updated decision charts for when children are sick.
Masking: The Ministry of Education will be providing N95 masks for staff and, for students, 3-ply cloth masks upon request. This provision is only for the licensed child care (Primary campus; Casa and Toddler). Ordering information for these masks is forthcoming from the Ministry and as yet we do not know when they will be available.
Case, Contact, and Outbreak Management: Details are still being updated but communication regarding cases and outbreaks will be limited. From the Ministry: “As a result, cohort-based dismissals may not occur in schools and child care settings.
Vaccinations: Vaccination continues to be the most effective factor in limiting the spread and severity of COVID-19. You can find information about and a link to book children’s vaccinations on the Home page at lyonsgate.ca.
Testing: At this time, PCR (the nasal swab) tests are not available to confirm COVID status.
Happy New Year!!