Lyonsgate Update Dec. 17 2021: Winter Break!

Happy Winter Break Lyonsgate Families,

Enjoy the next two weeks of holiday celebrating, and hopefully some resting and relaxing. We are back to school on Monday, January 3.

<Sigh…> Here’s the latest COVID info:

  • It is not noted on the City’s site, but a recent CBC news article reports a shorter interval for children’s second vaccinations:  “Hamilton Public Health Services says that while it recommends the eight-week interval supported by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) for children between the ages of 5 and 11, it will permit bookings for a second dose any time after 21 days.” Please read the linked article for more information if you are considering the shorter interval for your child.
  • Rapid Antigen Tests were not provided for Lyonsgate Elementary students. As you all know from the news the last couple of days, free rapid tests are being made available over the holiday period. “Throughout December to mid-January, two million rapid tests will be provided free of charge at pop-up testing sites in high-traffic settings such as malls, retail settings, holiday markets, public libraries and transit hubs, as well as providing vaccine education…[and] at LCBO stores across Ontario.” Please click the following link for the pop-up location schedule:
  • Public Health has informed us that the screening validation will continue for longer than the first two weeks of our January return. Updated screening forms will be on the Home page of for our return to school on Jan. 3. Please remember to complete screening each day before arrival. Thank you.

Stay safe and stay healthy over the holidays everyone.

Reminder: please submit your registration form for the 2022.2023 school year if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet. We will be putting together tentative class lists in January and will begin contacting families on our wait list in February. Please see the Dec. 3 email from titled “Registration for 2022.2023 School Year” for registration information and a link to the registration form. Initial payment is not due until January 14, 2022.

Please read on for first term wrap up messages from your children’s Montessori guides.


Our Toddler Montessori classroom is a wonderful place for the very young to discover who they are, gain confidence and independence skills, but most importantly it is a place for children to go every day where each person is an important member of the community, a place where they can do important work, a place where they belong.

Wednesday at circle time we took a moment to notice who out of our class was absent since some have been away with colds and coughs. They could name the missing friends because the classroom environment is different when friends are away. We miss them. In the Toddler classroom we have been witnessing a beautiful community forming over the past four months. They are very aware of one another and they are keen to help take care of each other and the classroom environment. They will often clean up after each other, bring someone their shoes in the hallway, offer a glass of water to a friend, and share a laugh together. There is cooperation and camaraderie.

These are the most valuable lessons. The spontaneous lessons of compassion, care for oneself and for others, and joy! Sharing joy!

As we close out the year 2021 in the Lyonsgate Toddler community, I am filled with gratitude and optimism. I am grateful to spend each busy day living in the present moment observing children making discoveries, gaining confidence, navigating friendships, and growing into interesting and caring people.

Have a joyful and peaceful holiday! We will miss you! — Ms. Gervais

Casa North

It’s been a great semester and has certainly flown by! Many fantastic discoveries have been made, bonds created, and we are beginning to see a sense of calm and purpose emerging. The students feel comfortable here, and they are beginning to show their truest, most authentic selves to us — we are excited to share in their growth.

We hope you enjoyed the Winter Concert extravaganza! Posting daily videos was a treat, and helped us to get into the holiday spirit!

Please check your child’s backpack. We have sent home clothing for washing.

Wishing you all a safe, relaxing holiday!

All the best,

Ms. O’Sullivan

Casa South

Season’s Greetings from Casa South,

Although the weather hasn’t been very wintery thus far, inside the classroom we’ve been busy getting into the happy spirit of the season. You may find some glittery trees, stars, and some fluffy pom pom Rudolph noses in your child’s folder this week.

2021 was another year for the books with the continuation of the pandemic and all the associated health precautions in place. We’re all sure to be wishing for a return to pre-pandemic state in

In the meantime, we will continue to focus on and celebrate all the positive things happening in our classroom community. The children have had a good first term and are now well settled into the routine. This has led to some wonderful work and learning in all areas. We have a particularly social group who enjoy working with a partner or in small groups. These interactions provide opportunities for learning how to co-operate and collaborate with each other. It’s been lovely to observe the children become capable problem-solvers.

We’ll be adding some sewing work to the Practical Life shelves and science experiments to the Cultural area in the new year. It will be interesting to observe which activities appeal to each child and how creative they be with the work. Children never cease to surprise us with their different ways of
manipulating and creating with the materials; letting us know what’s happening in their thoughts and imaginations. Life is never dull in Casa South!

We hope you enjoy the holidays, and all the children return healthy, rested and ready for more exploration and discovery with us in January. See you then! — Ms. Robinson

Have a great break everyone!