Elementary Update

Elementary students began work in Botany this week with an experiment studying the basic needs of plant life.

Students teamed up to make daily observations of plants under different conditions, working together to write descriptions and illustrate how their plant had changed. Our study of the history of life on Earth continues with an exploration of fossils, and the Paleozoic Era.

In Language, the children have been enthusiastically singing songs learned during their A.I.M. French lessons, as well as studying different types of nouns and adjectives. They have also been exploring the French readers and using more conversational French during the work cycle. Work in Math continues to be focused on the four operations using the stamp game and bead frames.

During our Community Outing this week, the class was thrilled to begin cooking in partnership with The Casual Gourmet in Westdale Village, exploring new tastes and learning to cut a variety of vegetables as they assembled their personal pizzas. It was also our first opportunity to wear our new Lyonsgate t-shirts, which should be washed and returned to school at the beginning of each week in preparation for the next Community Outing. Students are welcome to keep their clean t-shirts at school so they are always available when needed.

Next Week:

Monday: P.D. Day – No School for Students
Tuesday: Field Trip to Puddicombe Estate Farms
Wednesday: Cross-Country Run at LaSalle Park **Lyonsgate Shirt, Water Bottle, & Outdoor Running Clothes Needed

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Achong & Mme. Prat-Kalonji