Casa Update

This term our casa students have been participating in a new physical education program.

Our first unit focused on space, directions, and body awareness. Through games and activities such as red light/green light, tag, and freeze dance, students have learned to identify, maintain, and use space adequately while demonstrating an understanding of paths of motion.

Our second unit focused on locomotor skills. The learning focus of this unit was to develop an understanding of basic concepts of human locomotion. We discussed various ways that our body can move, and practiced these movements with games and activities such as Follow the Leader, Yoga, and Mr. Wolf.

We have now moved into our third unit: rhythmic activities. For the next few weeks, we will be performing locomotor and non-locomotor skills to music, expressing ourselves through creative movement, and creating simple rhythm patterns. This week the students particularly enjoyed using scarves to express themselves in a creative movement activity featuring gentle Classical music. Next week we will expand our creative movement repertoire with more musical variety.

Reminder: if you haven’t yet signed up for parent/teacher meetings, please sign up via the sign up sheet posted outside of your child’s classroom.