Elementary Update

This week’s class update is brought to you by Evan Marshall as well as Ms. Achong and Mme. Prat-Kalonji.

The class had a wonderful time working to build a Lego community during a visit to the Locke Street library, with the creation of beautiful homes, cars, farmland, and even a tractor, windmill, and beehive. This was a great activity to bring together our discussions of human needs and architecture. We also loved having the opportunity to work with local pottery artist, Deb Wilkinson, and learn pinch pot and coil techniques for creating our own pieces. Independent project work researching meerkats and sugar gliders, as well as drawing a diagram of a volcano, kept our students busy in class, as well as completing our celery stem observations and continuing work in geometry.

Have a good weekend!

Ms. Achong, Mme. Prat-Kalonji, and Evan Marshall