Toddler Community Update

Bread baking is a favourite practical life activity in our Toddler Community.

The Toddlers were engaged in bread baking on Wednesday. They helped with measuring and pouring, then enjoyed spreading butter and raspberry jam on the bread for a tasty snack.

Music and movement was a great success. The children loved the actions to the words of the songs and had so much fun dancing.

We appreciate the outerwear that has been sent for playing outside. We recommend winter boots and neck warmers as sent for your child as well, as we are outside at least 45 minutes before lunch and sometimes 30 minutes at the end of the day. Even before the snow flies, snow pants are also recommended to keep your little one warm during outdoor play. 

The children continue to learn and grow in our community with many activities promoting independence and self-awareness. Some of the Toddlers are now helping to prepare snacks, and assist in tidying up at snack and lunch time. We have learned that it has been carried into their home life as well.