Casa Update

All of our students, new and returning, are now in class after a staggered entry and settling into a nice rhythm. Our new students are beginning to receive presentations with the materials, and returning students have returned to working with materials that they have missed during the summer months. 

Recycling has been a topic of interest in the classroom this week, and was discussed along with a story about recycling at circle time. 

Mrs. Kennedy, Miss Boyle and Mme. Murati have been encouraging children to place outdoor shoes under their cubby and indoor shoes on the white shoe rack. Please assist your child by encouraging the proper placement of their shoes upon arrival and dismissal.

In french lessons, children have enjoyed greeting each other in french, working with phrases such as “bonjour mes amis”, and “comment ca va?”. 

On Tuesdays Casa students have been participating in physical education classes. Running shoes are always a great idea for gym days, if your child does not already have indoor runners at school. Our first unit in phys. ed. is games focusing on body awareness and movement.

We would like to say a big thank you to Cooper G’s family for providing a fresh bouquet of flowers for the classroom this week. If you are interested in providing flowers in the classroom for the students to practice flower arranging, we have a sign-up sheet located across from the office.