Toddler Community Update

As we wrap up our second week in the toddler community, we are already seeing our newest students settling into the classroom well, and our returning students becoming engaged in their classroom work. 

The beginning of the school year in our toddler community has been ushered in with many happy faces and some transitional tears that are quickly subsiding. Today we began our weekly music and movement program, which the toddlers highly enjoyed! 

For parents new to the toddler community (and those who may have forgotten), please be sure to check the board in the classroom at the end of the day before you pick up your child. This is where we record your child’s activities of the day – check here for details about napping, eating, and toileting. 

Our toddlers are presented with flower arranging as a lesson in our classroom. If you would like to donate a fresh bouquet of flowers for the classroom one week in September or October, please see the sign-up sheet beside the classroom.