Elementary Update

Our first year of elementary began in a pretty epic way with a hands-on creation of the universe presentation. This is a memorable lesson to begin our school year and includes demonstrations using solids and liquids to show how the continents and oceans first came together.

Lessons like these are an important and unique part of the Montessori curriculum. These lessons are bold, exciting, and are designed to awaken a child’s imagination and curiosity. The child should be struck with the wonder of creation, thrilled with new ideas, and awed by the inventiveness and innovation that is part of the human spirit.

In the classroom, children have got right to work with the materials. A favourite activity at the moment is geometry: looking at similar, congruent and equivalent figures. For any classroom questions, please contact marissa@lyonsgate.ca.

The french program is going well. Children are hearing french all day, receiving individual or small group presentations depending on their levels, during the day. They also have a french class three times a week in which they learn, through a french only environment and repetitions, to confidently speak in french. There is no evaluations or individual questioning that could make them uncomfortable. We use the AIM method that combines gestures and oral expressions as a group. The goal is to put together two plays throughout the year. We’ll keep in touch and give you more details as rehearsals will start. You received a newsletter that presented the AIM program. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact Mme. Prat-Kolanji at anne@lyonsgate.ca

Our first two community outings took us on explorations of our surrounding neighbourhood. The children enjoyed a scavenger hunt on Dundurn and Locke Streets last week, followed by exploration and historical discovery along the Chedoke Rail Trail this week.

In physical education, we are making the most of this beautiful weather by getting outdoors. This month we are running throughout the neighbourhood, working up to a friendly cross-country running event with two other schools in October. Please ensure that your child has running shoes on Thursdays. For any phys. ed. related questions, please contact admin@lyonsgate.ca.