Elementary Update

The elementary students were thrilled to take their botany and history studies out of the classroom this week with a field study day at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Armed with clipboards and paper for sketching, the students spent the morning working in four of the smaller gardens in Hendrie Park. In the Scent Garden, students explored how fragrance, nectar, and pollen are used to benefit both plants and insects; in the Prehistoric Garden, they studied two tree specimens once thought to be extinct: the Dawn Redwood and the Gingko Biloba.

Afterward, the class turned to a discussion of the types of technology used by humans in the Middle Ages, spending time in the Medieval Garden examining how a sundial works. A final stop in the Medicinal Garden let them discover plants used for keeping different body systems healthy. After all their hard work, the children were happy to gather with the Casa students for lunch and recess in the RBG’s natural playground.

Back at school, the class eagerly explored measurement in Math, began work with their spelling groups, and ended the week with the Great Lesson of Human Beings.

We look forward to sharing some of these lessons with you at the first Elementary Parent Education evening on Thursday, October 20.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, October 19 – Community Outing: Locke Street Library
  • Thursday, October 20 – Elementary Social & Parent Education
  • Wednesday, October 26 – Community Outing: Casual Gourmet
  • Friday, October 28 – Picture Day
  • Thursday, November 3 – Elementary Open House
  • Friday, November 4 – PD Day

Enjoy the beautiful autumn weekend ahead,

Ms. Achong & Mme. Prat-Kalonji