Toddler Community Update

Since forming their community in September, the toddlers have become more comfortable and independent in the classroom. 

They are taking work out independently, completing tasks and returning materials independently, and tucking in their chairs when they finish their work. At snack and lunch time, the children are setting up their own mats and cups at their table. 

Some of the older toddlers have been introduced to flower arranging and glass polishing, while others have enjoyed spooning. Some of the younger toddlers have been practicing pouring water, squeezing a sponge, and simple food preparation (for example, cutting bananas). Through this work with practical life activities, the toddlers are learning about logical sequencing and control and coordination of movement.

Outside, the children have been engaging in a lot of gross motor movement; running, jumping, and using their arms and legs to move the trucks and cars. The children enjoy songs and movement games outdoors, as they learn about their environment. 

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • December 2 – PD Day and Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • December 21 – Winter concert and social
  • December 23 – Last day of school (winter holidays begin)
  • January 9 – First day of second term