NEW! Elementary Program Open

Our first Elementary level classroom openend this September 2016. The program consists of an authentic Montessori curriculum and work cycle while continuing to offer a bilingual education to our students. Registration is now open for the 2017-2018 school year.

The Montessori elementary classroom provides a holistic education for social development, emotional well-being, and high academic engagement. A multi-age classroom of grades 1 to 3 allows for peer learning and mentorship along with personalized programming from the core subjects. The five areas of the curriculum, math, geometry, language, biology, and the arts (music, visual, dramatic, and physical) are delivered using an interdisciplinary approach and hands-on materials that appeal to the young child’s imagination.

The students will be guided by two teachers, an A.M.I.-trained Montessori directress, as well as a native French speaker trained in the AIM method. Exploration of the local community and the utilization of its resources are also key components of the elementary program.

A few spaces are still available at each grade level. Please contact us today to arrange a tour of the school and receive the date of our next Elementary information evening.