Happy Monday Lyonsgate Families,

The school year is well underway and Lyonsgate students are settling back into the school routine. A couple of reminders:

  • Casa and Toddler students’ Public Health vaccine history forms are due back to Lyonsgate on Monday, Sept. 25
  • The first PD Day of the school year is on Friday, Sept. 29.

Please check your Lyonsgate calendar regularly for up to date events, details, and information.




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Lyonsgate Montessori Toddler students enjoying outdoor play time.
Greetings Toddler Parents,

In the Toddler classroom, we have been observing both new and returning toddlers adjust to the routine of coming to school each day and all of their hard work has begun to pay off. Many children are actively taking part in their day by putting their backpack on the hook, placing their outdoor shoes in their cubbies, and retrieving their indoor shoes. They are taking care of themselves and keeping track of their personal items.

Small children feel most comfortable in an environment when they are included in the daily routine. At this point of the year, we are talking a lot about what is coming next in the routine. It is reassuring for our new toddlers to be informed about what is happening.

Thank you to all of the toddlers who are doing the hard work of adapting to a new environment. Thank you to all of the returning toddlers who are helping to take care of the environment and model the routine for their new friends, and thank you to all of the parents and caregivers who continue to trust us. Thank you for believing in your children and their ability to do hard things!

Ms. Gervais.


Montessori student working with the Montessori Cylinder Blocks material.

Hello Casa Families!

We had another busy week in the Casa classrooms. It was a great first week as a full class. Many new friendships have been made in the classroom and on the playground. Our returning students have been great at helping the new children in our class with our daily routine, showing them activities around the classroom, and making sure they feel included and welcome.

We have been practicing a lot of grace and courtesy this week and getting back into our routines of the classroom. We have been working on using our manners, tucking in our chairs, not interrupting others, and covering our mouth when sneezing and coughing.

We had a very successful picture day. It was wonderful to see the children’s beautiful smiles. We are looking forward to continuing getting to know your children and making memories with them this year!

The Casa Team.


Lyonsgate Montessori Elementary student building a molecule model.

The class had a wonderful week making connections between geography and biology.  They received the second Great Lesson, which introduces the emergence of unicellular life in the oceans, and the need for balance between the elements.  Many students received safety training for the science materials, and were thrilled to be given a lab license for conducting experiments.

Marissa and Michelle.

From the Classroom Historians

Last week we did the second great lesson, and it was on the coming of life.  After that lesson we learned about birds and flying.  Some other people worked on geometry with angles.  The fourth years learned about the story of elements.  To end this week we did a huge human knot with everybody.

Beck and Colin.

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