Hello Lyonsgate Families,

We regularly publish general updates from each of our Montessori levels to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the classrooms and the school  in general, as well as reminders and other bits of important school info. You will also find a gallery of photos from the previous week so you can see what the students have been up to in all of the classrooms.




Photo Gallery


Montessori student during the first day back to school, September 2023. Reading the Introduction to Toddler booklet.

What a fantastic week in the Toddler classroom!

It was lovely to welcome our returning students. We are thankful for their help in role-modelling the routine and the materials to our new students.

The half day visits with the new toddlers were a great success.

We look forward to this week when we will all be together in engaging in purposeful work & joyful learning.

Please remember to send indoor shoes,extra clothes (please label everything!), and send us a digital photo of your family for our family album.

Mrs. Elise Gervais.


Lyonsgate Montessori Casa student learning to fold cloths during the first week of school.

Greetings Casa Families,

We’re off and running into a new school year with plenty of smiles, a few tears, and no doubt some early nights. It’s been so good to welcome returning faces and greet new ones, to see how much children have grown, and how happy they are to join their classrooms.

The returning children are really stepping up to fulfill their role as mentors and guides for their newer classmates. We have already observed connections in the making, sharing of knowledge, and helping hands in action. Learning to lead and leading to learn are truly processes we witness (and do) on a daily basis.

This week, we will welcome our remaining students to complete our classrooms and form our micro-communities in both classrooms as well as the larger one that includes all our Casa children. The outdoor space is a whirlwind of activity with all those energetic bodies interacting and making up games as they build strong bodies and friendships.

As always, we thank you for all your support, especially at this time of transition, and look forward to getting to know all of you more throughout the year.

See you at the gate,

The Casa Team.


Montessori students introducing new students to the class.
The Elementary class had a wonderful first week of school! They welcomed six children moving up from Casa, conducting small group interviews, drawing life-size posters, and presenting their new friends to the rest of the class. They’ve enjoyed team-building exercises such as relay races and obstacles courses, returned to daily practice in reading and writing, and were eager for new lessons in math and geometry. The whole class came together for the dramatic telling of the first Great Lesson: The Creation of the Universe, sowing the seeds of interest for further study of the laws of physics, the planets, and the composition of our own Earth.

As part of the students’ rotating contributions to their classroom community, our weekly update will sometimes include a description and photographs prepared by our classroom historians. Please continue reading below for your weekly update from Colin and Beck.

Marissa and Michelle.

From the Classroom Historians

This week Danielle taught a couple first years how to use the basketball material in the backyard. Some of the fourth and fifth years made an indigenous village out of plasticine. Danielle gave everyone a physical education lesson. (Everyone agreed it was very fun). The snack that day was very tasty. Kim gave lots of people lessons and everybody loves Kim. Two of the fourth years did a huge math problem on the checkerboard, trust me it was huge, it got up to the trillions. That is the stuff that has been happening this week.

Colin and Beck.

Photo Gallery