Lyonsgate Update May 6, 2022: Show & Share & Updates & Worms

Hello Lyonsgate Families,

This week, we have information about Casa Show & Share and details of the month to come in Elementary. We also have an update about the updates, an event for kids at HAAA this Saturday, and a note about a recent COVID development.

Show & Share

Parents of Casa students will be welcomed back into the classrooms from May 16-19 for Show & Share.

Show & Share is an opportunity for Montessori students to invite their parents into the classrooms to show them some of the materials they work with. Show & Share will take place between 4:00-4:20 each day.

Casa parents, please click here to select a Show & Share day. You will be visiting the classroom with up to 5 other families.

Update to Updates

Beginning next week, the email version of the weekly updates will be much shorter. We know the inbox can be oppressive at times, and emails full of text often get put aside with the best intentions of later.

The update emails will contain a topics list only, and links will be provided to the classroom updates post on the school website, direction to event information on the school calendar, and to a separate administrative post, if necessary.

HAAA Renewal Event

See your Lyonsgate calendar for information about an event for kids to participate in the HAAA playground renewal project this Saturday, May 7.

Recent COVID Cases & Masking Extension

There have been a few instances lately where individuals have tested positive after approximately one week of being symptomatic and beginning to feel better. Please continue to monitor and screen diligently, and let us know if you need any more rapid test kits after bouts of symptomatic testing.

Lyonsgate is extending the existing mask requirement until at least May 19.

Elementary Month of May

It’s been a busy week at Elementary! The students were thrilled to get outdoors for a community outing in support of the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association Food Drive! Teams of students travelled specific routes in the neighbourhood, delivering food collection bags for residents to fill for collection. They are very happy to be helping those members of our community facing food insecurity. Other adventures this week included working with watercolours in preparation for Mother’s Day, and the discovery of hundreds of newborn baby worms in a puddle at the park! Learning happens everywhere! We have a lot of fun events coming up this month for both students and parents. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Thursday, May 12 – Parent Education – NEW TIME

Please join us right after school on Thursday, May 12, for an in-person Parent Education session! We look forward to demonstrating some of the materials from the Math, Biology, and Geography areas. Elementary students can register for free childcare during Parent Education events, and head to the HAAA park for some fun with Lyonsgate staff. Students who are registered for our regular after care program. and whose parents are unable to attend the session, will remain on-site for routine pick-up. Please note that Parent Education is now scheduled to begin at 3:45 p.m. This will give us more time to explore the materials together.

Wednesday, May 18 – Field Trip to Dundurn Castle

On the morning of Wednesday, May 18, the Elementary class will be travelling by chartered school bus to Dundurn Castle! Students will be participating in the kitchen garden program, learning about gardening tools and techniques from the 1850s, and preparing food in the historic kitchen. We’ll be staying at Dundurn Castle through lunch and outdoor time, and returning to campus mid-afternoon. Please help your child ensure they have a litter-less lunch that they can easily transport. After the fun we had on our last field trip to the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit, everyone is looking forward to our next field trip!

Monday, May 30 – Cultural Fair

We will be hosting a spring cultural fair showcasing the students’ recent work after school on Monday, May 30. Elementary families are welcome to arrive anytime between 3:15 – 4:00 to tour displays and demonstrations of their explorations of ancient Rome, and other work. All students are encouraged to remain on campus after school to share their work. The students are very excited to have an opportunity to welcome their families back into their world at school!

We wish you lovely weekend ahead,

Marissa and Michelle

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Montessori Moms!!