Lyonsgate Update Dec. 3 2021: French, Charity, and Registration

Happy Friday Lyonsgate Families,

Lyonsgate Charitable Actions

Lyonsgate is undertaking a few charitable drives for the holiday season, one at the Primary campus and two at the Elementary campus by the students there:

  • Primary Toy Drive: We are accepting donations of new and unwrapped toys suitable for children up to age 14 for the Salvation Army to distribute. They have let us know that they are quite low on toys for children this year. We can accept donations up to December 15. Thank you.

  • Elementary Shoebox Project: The Elementary students are participating in The Shoebox Project. The Shoebox Project helps unhoused women by sending them shoeboxes full of essential and pleasure items (think makeup and toothbrushes). We would appreciate any donations you can give (along the lines of gift cards, a reusable mug, drink packets, a journal, etc.) by December 10. Donations can be dropped off at either Lyonsgate campus.

  • Elementary Digital Recipe Book: the Elementary students are putting together a digital recipe book with proceeds going to The Shoebox Project. They are accepting minimum donations of $5.00 up to Dec. 10, and you will receive your recipe book via email. If you would like one, donations can be dropped off at either Lyonsgate campus and you can let the Elementary students know you would like one by emailing with the email address the recipe book should be sent to.

Thank you for all of your help and cooperation when it comes to keeping students home when they are ill, even if they do not have the COVID-specific symptoms that require testing. There has been a cold bug spreading that has impacted both students and staff, and your help in keeping students at home until they are well is very much appreciated.

Registration for the 2022.2023 school year for current Lyonsgate students and their siblings went out this morning. Please look for that email. Submission of registration forms is due Dec. 15 and initial payment is due Jan. 14, 2022. We have made a few changes this year that are outlined in the registration email.

This week, the Casa and Toddler French assistants have a updates for you about the French programs through the first term and the Elementary Montessori guides have an update on the students end of term activities.


Wow! What a fulfilling few months we have had together; time is flying by. Since our last French update I can confidently say I have noticed many of our students are really grasping the French language and I am hearing many children repeating words and even taking out French activities from the shelves. As many of you know, we have been practicing our French song “Vive le Vent” daily and it warms my heart hearing the children coming to school ready to sing. Thank you to those who may have been practicing at home as well. I look forward to the new year with your beautiful children and my hope is that we continue on our French speaking journeys together to help encourage these bright young souls to absorb all that they are hearing. Happy holidays and a wonderful new year ahead.

Mme. Craigie

Reminder: please label everything.

Casa North

Bonjour, comment ça-va? Each day in Casa North students are asked how they are feeling to begin their exposure to conversational French throughout the day. Common answers are “Ça va bien.”; “Ça va mal.”; or “Ça va super bien!”

This has also allowed us to explore emotions in French this term, learning vocabulary for happy, sad, tired, sick, mad, etc., through lots of different books, and, of course, “If you’re happy and you know it” in French.

More French vocabulary has been introduced through the Montessori materials this term, including fruits and vegetables, farm animals, family members, and colours. We also have a little Christmas tree in the classroom that has a little star, a little present, lights, and ornaments. We are practicing some vocabulary with the tree each day in our circle, including “on” and “under” for example, to give us a bit of the spirit of the season.

Mme. Murati

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Casa South

Bonjour! Quelle belle saison!

Chantez avec nous!

C’est l’automne
(Frère Jacques)

Les feuilles tombent 🍁
Les feuilles tombent 🍁

C’est l’automne!
C’est l’automne!

Rouge, orange et jaune
Rouge, orange et jaune

C’est l’automne!
C’est l’automne!

We enjoyed looking at the different kinds of leaves and picked out the red maple ones to practice our national anthem.

We worked on the different seasons and weather.

Also, we started practicing some new songs for the upcoming season.

Here’s another must share moment!

While the children were playing outside, a child brought me 3 leaves and said « Look madame! Gros, moyen, petit! »
It was music to my ears! 💕

Mme Perazzo

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The Elementary campus is buzzing with activity as students work to complete our ongoing projects. Recipe books are in hot demand as students create their entries for our Cookie Book release. In preparation for our Winter Concert, the students have been writing plays, constructing props, and practicing their performances. The lower cohort is enthusiastically practicing the Trilobite Song and Doh a Deer, and some of you at home may have the opportunity to sing along as well!


Reminder: please label everything.