Hello Toddler Families,

I’m excited for the parent-teacher conferences next week and welcoming you into your children’s classroom in person. We’ll talk about all of the wonderful progress they have all made, especially in developing their sense of community.

Please bring any questions you have about how your toddler has been spending their days, what they are showing interest in, how they are showing us they learn, and what next  year may look like for them. We will only have 20 minutes for each conference so I ask that you do your best to be on time and to stick to the schedule for all of the other toddler parents.

Between the upcoming conferences and the chance we had to speak during the Parent Education this week, it will be lovely to have so much opportunity to talk with each other as the school year comes to a close. I hope we also see all of our toddler friends at the picnic in June.

See you next week,

Ms. Gervais.

If you still need to sign up for a Parent-Teacher conference, please click here to select a time. Child care is available during your conference time.

Casa North

Hello Parents,

I am looking forward to hosting you next week — in person — for Parent Teacher conferences. As always, it will be a joy to set some time aside to focus on the successes of each of your children. It has been a busy year, and I know you will be so proud of their progress & growth since we last connected in November.

I will be using the same format as always, bringing you up-to-speed with your child’s academic development in Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, French, and Culture, and sharing some observations regarding their Social/Emotional development. What a treat it will be to have the materials at our disposal — to touch, maneuver and examine — as we discuss the specific academic heights each of your children have reached this past semester. Feel free to scan Seesaw and ask about a specific material — if time permits, we can go through a presentation!

I invite you to bring your questions and comments. This is our last chance to speak before your child becomes a 2nd year Casa student or a graduate, so I have allotted much of our time for discussion.

I ask, in advance, to please be cognizant of the strict conference time you have chosen. Please arrive a few minutes early, so we can start right away, and know that we will only have a 20-minute slot per child. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with keeping things moving.

Reminder — although we always welcome books or stories from home, we ask that stickers, beads, coins, toys, & jewelry do not come to school (in your child’s backpack or on their person). Even in the backpack, these items act as a distraction to your child during the work cycle. Again, thank you for your cooperation in keeping these items at home.

See you next week!


Ms. O’Sullivan.

If you still need to sign up for a Parent-Teacher conference, please click here to select a time. Child care is available during your conference time.

Casa South

Greetings from Casa South,

It’s good to see how many parents have signed up for the third term conferences. I’m looking forward to meeting with everyone to share more of how and what your children have been busy with during these past months. Also, to learn more about them from your perspective, as well as to answer any questions you might have. During our meeting I’ll provide you with more detailed information about the growth your child has experienced since we last met.

Last week’s classroom visits provided a peek into what the children are currently working with and finally gave you the opportunity to physically sit in their “office.” This may help you visualize materials and activities discussed during our conference.

As you will see, the schedule for the day is tight with many back-to-back meetings. If we all do our best to be on time with both arriving and departing according to the schedule, we should be able to keep on track. I recognize that everyone’s time is valuable.

As I write this, I realize that once again the school year has flown by, summer is in the air!

See you at the gate,

Ms. Robinson

If you still need to sign up for a Parent-Teacher conference, please click here to select a timeChild care is available during your conference time.


After weeks of preparation, the Elementary students were thrilled to plant their vegetable garden! Older students spent weeks monitoring our two garden plots for sun exposure and researching ideal growing conditions for a variety of vegetables. They created a map for where to plant beans, broccoli, cabbage, corn, and pumpkins for the best results. To protect their newly planted pumpkin patch, the children constructed a simple fence using wooden stakes and string. Younger students sowed and raised seedlings indoors until they were hardy enough to plant. They have spent weeks preparing garden beds by turning the soil and adding fertilizer, including Zeus’ eggs! Finally, after many months of caring for a colony of red wriggler worms indoors, students harvested the fresh compost and transferred it outdoors. The worm colony has been refreshed so they can continue to make compost for our class. As part of their regular weekly contributions, students also planted marigold seeds and transplanted lilies of the valley to the front flower garden. Planting these gardens gives students the opportunity to experience the life cycle of plants and their interaction with other living things, including us! We hope you enjoy visiting our garden during the Cultural Fair next week.

Elementary students are welcome to invite their parents, siblings, or other chosen family members to join us at our Cultural Fair after school on Monday, May 30th. The Cultural Fair will open at 3:15, and families are welcome to visit the fair anytime between 3:15-4:00 p.m. We politely request that visitors consider masking during the event due to the larger crowd and limited space, and as a courtesy to others within our school community. As all Elementary students will be participating in the Cultural Fair, all students should check out with Caitlin at the side gate prior to leaving for the day. Once the Cultural Fair has ended, our regular aftercare program will continue in the backyard.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Marissa and Michelle.

If you still need to sign up for a Parent-Teacher conference, please click here to select a timeElementary conferences will take place via Zoom.

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