This week, the Casa children were having their show and share, where they get to demonstrate some of their favourite presentations to their families. It is a wonderful opportunity to welcome families into the classroom and to share in children’s the joy of discovery. This got me thinking about how we measure success in the Toddler room, as well as the difference between wanting and needing help.

Some of the biggest, proudest smiles that I have seen on a child’s face have happened seconds after they have said, “I can’t do it.” Sometimes the encouragement to try just a little longer is the true key to success. The hardest work can be the most rewarding when the end result is a stronger belief in our own abilities. It is usually easy to see when a child has accomplished something new or difficult. “I did it” isn’t always far away from “I can’t do it” if we take the time and encourage them to believe in themselves the way we believe in them. Show and share is everyday with our toddler friends!

Mr. Davis.

Casa North

Hello families! It was so much fun having each of you in our classroom this week. This was my first Show and Share and I have to admit I was nervous. Several of the students also seemed to have some big feelings the day that their parents were coming in. Some were more sensitive or restless, some looked for reassurance, and some worked diligently to practice the activities they were sharing. Yet, without fail, once they began their work each of them shone with pride and confidence.

As teachers, sometimes I think we can take for granted how bright and capable our students are. Sitting with families this week, answering questions, observing your interactions with your children, puts me in mind of the wonder I felt when I began working in Montessori environments. It’s a valuable reminder that, given the right guidance and bit of patience, children will rise to and exceed our expectations.

Thank you so much for making time to visit us! It has been a lovely cap to each day this week, and I hope we can have all of you in our classroom much more often in the future.

Reminder: We would love to hear any thoughts you have on your Show and Share experience. Mrs. O’Sulllivan has sent out an email and any feedback helps us improve.

Ms. Dewey.

Casa South

What a great week of Show and Share with our Casa South Families. It was beautiful to see how excited and proud the students were to show what they’ve learned, along with the new skills they’ve mastered. I have seen the same focus and happy faces myself when the children learn a new activity and eagerly want to show me. I must give thanks to Ms. Robinson and Mme Perazzo, who have taught not only our students but myself with such grace and care that I am very grateful to be on their team. It was very rewarding to see our students want to teach their parents as many pieces of work as possible, but alas we only had 20 minutes. Have a great long weekend and here’s to relishing in all the proud moments, big or small!

Ms. Jefferies.


This week, the Elementary students enjoyed a field trip to Dundurn Castle, the 19th century mansion built for Sir Allan MacNab, to participate in the Kitchen Garden program. We explored the two-acre garden, touching, smelling, and even tasting a variety of plants from mint to rhubarb. We discovered plants grown at Dundurn Castle that could be used as food, medicine, pest deterrents, and for making clothes. The students were thrilled to make their own contribution to the garden by helping to make a new compost heap. They layered dried leaves, water, fresh greens, and compost to prepare the new children’s garden. They also harvested a variety of herbs for cooking. In the cellar kitchen, we worked in low-light conditions with 1850s tools to try our hand at making rissoles, balls of potato and herbs rolled in egg and bread crumbs. After they were fried in butter on the wood stove, students had the opportunity to eat the final product. Yum! Students enjoyed finding out about the lives of people living and working in Dundurn Castle, and comparing life 150 years ago to their own modern experiences.

We hope you all enjoy an extra-long weekend of fun!

Michelle and Marissa

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