Casa Update

We have seen an explosion of writing in the Casa classroom this week.

In the Casa classroom children are introduced to the movable alphabet (large individual wooden letters) when the child is able to identify a number of sandpaper letters. This Language activity gives further practice with linking letter sounds with letter symbols, and initiates word building. In order to build phonetic words, the child uses the skill of analysis to decipher the sounds in words. An exciting leap into self-expression, work with the movable alphabet enables the child to bring their thoughts to life and communicate through the written word. 

This week the large movable alphabet has been taken out to give the children opportunity to create words with the individual sounds they recognize. Some children have been making their own booklets, labels and stories. Cursive writing is ever present as well – this is still very much a favourite.

Just a reminder: if you haven’t already selected a time to visit the classroom for a scheduled observation next week, please sign up via the sheet outside of our classroom. Your child will enjoy having you visit the classroom, and it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to observe your child’s learning in progress.