Casa Update

Halloween was a key feature in our classroom this week, and we enjoyed learning all about pumpkins. We also saw a strong interest in the bells throughout the week.

Children are born with the ability to hear, but the ability to listen is learned. As children develop the ability to listen, they build the foundation for analysis of language and communication as well as learning proper enunciation and context. Activities in the Practical Life area, such as responding to a bell and the silence game, as well as activities from the Language area such as vocabulary enrichment and language training, develop the child’s ability for focused listening.

Upcoming Dates:

• Tuesday, November 15 – Clothing orders due
• Friday, December 2 – PD Day & Parent Teacher Interviews
• Wednesday, December 21 (tentative date) – Holiday concert and social (5:00-7:00pm)
• Friday, December 23 – Last day of school (winter holidays begin)