Lyonsgate Weekly Update | Friday, Oct. 25, 2019

Hello Lyonsgate Montessori Families,

It’s Halloween next week, and we’d just like to remind everyone about the school policy surrounding this very exciting time for children. From your Parent Handbook:

We know that Halloween is a very exciting time for children. However, we ask that costumes and candy are not brought to school. They can be saved for after school fun with family and friends.

Thank you for understanding.

And don’t forget, the day after Halloween is a PD Day. There is no school, so stay up late and eat all the candy and have a day to say “Oooohh…my belly.”

Unfortunately, due to some traffic and scheduling issues, this past week’s visit from Boris Brott had to be cut short and the Casa children did not have an opportunity to spend time with him.

This week, your children’s classroom assistants have updates for you.


Is it really almost November? Time is flying in the Toddler classroom. The cool weather is here, and it is only going to get cooler, but getting bundled up offers a plethora of opportunities to exercise their independence, and learn to navigate boots, zippers, hats, and mittens. Morning drop offs have been going increasingly smoothly. It is a joy to see their smiling faces as they walk up the stairs, ready to start a new day.

The children are getting more and more acquainted with each other, and their individual personalities are really starting to shine through and make our community of toddlers so vibrant and unique.

Inside the classroom, our work cycle has been a flurry of activity, with an increased interest in cleaning-based activities, painting, and watering the plants that help beautify our environment. Together we’ve developed a seasonally appropriate cinnamon raisin bread recipe that has been a huge hit with the class, and as a bonus makes the entire school smell heavenly. The children love participating in the baking process almost as much as they enjoy eating the rewards of their hard work. I am looking forward to more fall fun with the class.

Mr. Davis

Casa South

Hello Casa South,

I have settled into my role in Casa South where everyday I carefully observe and keep records of each student. I notice during my observations that some students really love to work together while others prefer to work independently, but whichever they choose they are focused and engaged in their work. The classroom is a very productive and respectful environment where the children help each other whenever necessary.

I am also responsible for recess everyday. While outside with the children, I supervise and make sure they are safe. I observe their behaviour, how they interact, and the language they use to communicate.

Additionally, I take care of the children during nap time. I set up the cots and help a few of them off to sleep. When the children have finished their nap, I assist the children back into the classroom to finish off their school day.

We enjoyed our field trip at the Royal Botanical Gardens which was full of excitement and many enjoyable moments. Many parents came with us to share the experience. The weather was great and we had so much fun seeing the students’ interest in the different activities.

Mlle. Kamongue

Casa North

Hello Casa North families,

It has been an eventful month here at Lyonsgate. From starting our month off with getting out in nature at the Royal Botanical Gardens to all cleaned up for Picture Day this week, October has been filled with exciting days for Casa North.

Within the classroom as well, this month has been a busy time of transition and settling into routine. As the children gain more experience in the classroom and on the playground they have begun to show more confidence in their work and play. One thing that I’ve especially noticed is that they are taking on the role of advocating for themselves — their needs and their bodies. This has been a wonderful thing to witness as they shift more towards independence. I’ve had the opportunity to progress with them in small groups and in independent work as well. They are constantly surprising me with the information they know, what they are able to do, and the way in which they see the world.

This month in particular, the children have taught me many things. One of my favourite parts about spending the day with them is that they remind me to see the wonder in even the tiniest of things; like the day that we found a potato bug out on the playground, or the joy that they get out of singing their favourite songs. It continues to be a daily pleasure to spend time with them in the classroom and out on the playground.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Sullivan


This past week, many of our Elementary students had moments of personal triumph, such as young readers moving on to a more difficult series of readers, a second year student discovering the algorithm for addition without using materials, one of the youngest students emerging the victor in an extremely competitive game of tag at recess, and a student understanding the decimal system and its relationship to money for the first time. I am privileged to observe the joy and pride each student feels as they achieve their personal victories.

The Elementary class has been working hard exploring our rights and responsibilities as citizens of Canada. Prior to the federal election, the Upper Elementary students examined issues such as climate change, education, health care, indigenous issues, and immigration. They made posters summarizing the positions of each of the major political parties and presented the platform of a political party to their fellow students.

The entire class participated in Student Vote, in which students across Canada were able to cast their votes. We set up a polling station in our classroom to give the students the full experience of voting. They waited patiently in line to be checked off the list of registered voters, filled out a ballot behind a privacy screen, had their ballot signed and placed in the ballot box.

Two of the things I love about working with the Elementary students is their passion for fairness and their eagerness to debate and discuss issues. They took election issues very seriously. I observed even the youngest students taking time for consideration before casting their vote, and one student spent a long time agonizing behind the privacy screen before he could make his final choice. All of our students keenly anticipated the results of their own vote. They were able to compare the actual federal election results to the Student Vote results across the country and their own class.

Our community outing this week was a visit from conductor Boris Brott. We prepared for his visit by learning about the instruments typically found in an orchestra and learning all the verses of the “Orchestra Song.” The students loved the opportunity to play “Ode to Joy” on the tone bars as Mr. Brott conducted them. He also answered questions about the life of a conductor, how he became a conductor, and how much practice goes in to preparing for a performance. Following this outing, students have been given presentations of the tone bars, and the entire class had the opportunity to hold and play a child-sized cello. The students were very enthusiastic about their musical studies this week, and we look forward to further explorations of orchestral music and musical instruments.



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