Hello Lyonsgate Montessori Families,

Next week is the last week before the winter holiday break. See below for details of the Winter Concert on our last day — Thursday, Dec. 20 — and we are back for the winter term on Monday, January 7.

Over the break, please take a few moments to complete your registration for the 2019.2020 school year, if you have not done so already. We will be building next year’s class lists and offering spots to people on our wait lists soon.

Please click here to complete and submit your application form, one per child. [Please Note: if you’re using form autofill features, please double-check that the information is correct.]

Fee Schedules and payment information can be found here (scroll down to the 2019.2020 section), or as attachments to your Dec. 3 “2019.2020 Lyonsgate Registration” email.

Thank you for continung to choose Montessori education for your children, and for trusting Lyonsgate to provide an authentic Montessori experience for your children.

In the spirit of the season, our Elementary students want to thank you for all of your generous donations to their Hamilton Out of the Cold charitable ventures. Our small community managed to compile an impressive amount toothbrushes and paste, hot drink mix, and other essential items to help make those in desperate need a little more comfortable.

You will have one more  opportunity to help on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The Elementary students will be holding a “Holiday Art and Decoration” sale at both campuses starting at 3:15. They are working hard on creating an inventory of unique decorations. They will also be accepting donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and  hot drink mix (as well as other essentials) that day.

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This Week:

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In four short months, the Toddlers have proven that they have a constructive power that allows them to develop their unique potential. I am continuously fascinated by their sense of wonder that fosters their engagement and interest in the classroom. They do not seem to be hindered by time, weather, or circumstances — they let their curiosity lead the way.

I have witnessed an explosion of language, and their conversations cover various topics from weekend occurrences to trips to the grocery store. The Toddler’s sense of order is evident by their ability to place materials back on the shelf and tucking chairs away following usage. The beat of a drum, the chime of a xylophone, and the staccato of maracas can often be heard by adults walking in the hall. The practical life activities reinforce that they are contributing members of their community and will rush to mop up a spill, prepare and serve themselves snack, and care for the plants in the classroom. A strong ability to care for themselves is evident through underwear transitions and the sound of “I did it!” that often follows a successful washroom trip. The majority of the Toddlers are able to get themselves ready for recess — involving difficult tasks such as snow pants, zipping up coats, and putting mittens on their hands.

With the end of the first term come changes. We have two wonderful children transitioning to Casa, and three new beautiful children joining us in the New Year. In some ways it will feel like September again, but I will revel in it because I know that their time in the Toddler room is limited.

I want to thank all of you for those memories; your children amaze me every day and they each represent an important puzzle piece to our little community. I am elated to see what the new term will bring — the rise of leaders, Casa-style presentations, challenging materials, and the bittersweet Casa visits. I will be thinking of them and I look forward to hearing highlights from their winter break.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and inspiring holiday season and New Year.



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Casa South: As usual, the first semester has gone by in a flash! It is amazing to see the growth of the children in such a short amount of time — socially, emotionally, physically and academically. Watching children develop their independence and confidence is a true pleasure, and we are so grateful to be a part of these formative years.

Making school a place the children want to be is our main objective — a foundation for enjoyable educational experiences. This semester, we were excited to see children reading books, making snacks for one another, and working with addition equations; we can’t wait to see what is in store in the new year!

We wish everyone a wonderfully relaxing holiday season. We hope you make lots of memories, snowmen, and cookies.

Lots of love from Casa South.


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Casa North: I can’t believe our first term is coming to a close. The children in Casa North have been working hard to refine skills, self-regulate, cultivate bonds, and have fun! I’m so proud of their progress. As the classroom settles into its natural routine, I have found more opportunity to sit back, observe, and enjoy the process of being with your children each day. When you really take the time to watch what the children are doing and the problem solving skills that develop when they are learning in a carefully curated environment, the things you see are amazing. Our roles as adults in the classroom are to fade into the background as much as possible to allow the children to take ownership of the space that is theirs. Sometimes, the most important part of my job is to have a meaningful conversation with your child, enjoy sitting with them during their lunch, or simply sit and watch them show me what they can do.

I’m grateful to spend my days with your children, and we thank you so much for your kindness and support. Enjoy the break and have a safe and happy holiday. We can’t wait to greet your children with a handshake and a smile come 2019!

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‘Tis the season to be merry! The Elementary class has been joyfully immersed in their outreach activities this week in support of the Hamilton Out of the Cold project! From writing publicity emails requesting donations to a handwritten letter inviting the charity’s founder to visit, creating posters and strategically posting them on Locke Street, as well as crafting goods for the sale next week, all of our students have given generously from their hearts. It has been an empowering process for our young students as they find meaningful ways they can help those who are less fortunate.

An essential part of the Montessori Elementary program is the recognition of each individual having an important role within a community, and the ability of even our youngest students to take positive action. We thank everyone who has supported their endeavour by donating dental hygiene items, food, or drinks to the project.

The classroom has also been bursting with music this week, from carols being picked out on the piano by keen musical ears, to creating notation systems and experimenting with minimalist music with our extraordinary neighbourhood musician, Mr. Ben.

We’ve had a wonderful first term together, and wish you and your families the happiest of holidays together. Best wishes for the new year!

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Next Week:

We’ll see you all for the Winter Concert on Thursday, Dec. 20. Please arrive between 2:00-2:25 to chat with fellow parents and find seating. The concert will start at 2:30.

When arriving at the school, please come to the regular school entrance, where children are dropped off each morning, and we will greet you and escort you to the auditorium. Please do not use the main synagogue entrance.

A few families have asked and yes, we do have room for grandparents and other family members.

We are expecting the concert to last approximately one hour — until about 3:30 — after which the winter break begins.

Please remember that there is no after school or extended care after the concert.

We return to school for the winter term on Monday, January 7.

Have a wonderful time with family and friends Lyonsgate community.

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