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Happy New Year and welcome back Toddler families.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful break with time to rest and time to connect with family. Naturally, this break from routine brings with it a time of readjustment but I am pleased to report that our returning toddlers have been able to slip back into the rhythm of the daily routine without much difficulty.

It is remarkable to see how much everyone has grown in just two short weeks! Many of our toddlers are noticeably taller and more verbal. Language acquisition is one of the main sensitive periods from 0-3 years. You can support your child’s language development by reading to them, singing to them, and simply talking to them about things that interest them. Simple direct language always works best: “Look at the dog!” (instead of doggie). Direct and accurate language offers the best example and the best possible chance for the child to be understood when they choose to speak.

Here are a few wonderful winter books for toddlers:

  • The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats — a classic
  • Winter by Gerda Muller (This is a picture book. You can create your own story; simply describe the pictures or inspire a conversation about the wintery scene).
  • Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost with illustrations by Vivian Mineker — it is never too early to begin to build an appreciation for the lyrical language of poetry.

If you have any favourite winter books please let us know. We are always looking for new books to add to our collection.

We are welcoming two new students to the Toddler community over the next few weeks which will make our classroom complete. Thank you to all of the returning toddlers who have helped to make our first new student feel comfortable this week.

Ms. Gervais.


Welcome to 2023!

The first term is undoubtedly our longest term of the year. The students move through fall into winter, September through December, sleeveless tops & shorts to mittens & hats. They are back to a full-day routine, learning new social queues & building new relationships.

The first term is about observation — how am I meant to exist in this space? How do others exist in this space? What are the expectations in this space? It can be a fatiguing process for the child, as they are constantly watching, listening, comparing, challenging, and ultimately figuring out their role in the classroom community overall.

The second term, however, the students have their footing & get to settle back into something that is familiar to them. They feel comfortable with their classmates and materials; they trust that they are in a safe space. They understand that the classroom allows freedom within limits, and that exploration is always encouraged.

All of this understanding means that the second term becomes about blossoming — they move away from “how do I exist at school?” into “who am I at school & what value do I offer?” They are no longer asking “what can I work with?” but rather “what comes next? How can I take this to the next level?”

The second term is one filled with confidence, laughter, and many great discoveries.

We can’t wait to see what this special term brings!


Ms. O’Sullivan (for both Casa teams).


Happy New Year! It’s always wonderful to see the children return from break refreshed, re-energized, and eager to dive back into their work. We began the second term setting academic and personal goals, thinking about the steps necessary to achieve them, and establishing a timeline for completion. While some students were thrilled to learn more about long division or square roots this week, others found a cozy place in the classroom to settle in with a new novel for reading or literature circles. On Friday, the whole class enjoyed traveling to McMaster University for a physical education class in hip hop dance. They learned to break, bounce, monster walk, and thoroughly enjoyed moving to the music!

As the weather has turned colder, we added warm soup to our rotation of community lunches. The students were enthusiastic about the tomato and white bean soup prepared by two of our students last week, with many coming back for a second or even third serving!

We look forward to another exciting week ahead.

Marissa and Michelle.

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