Good Morning Lyonsgate Families,

For our Casa and Toddler parents this week:

Elementary parents, please see the Elementary section for a number of upcoming important dates.




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Lyonsgate Montessori Toddler student practicing pouring.

Thank you to all the families that were able to attend the Parent Education session last week. The topic was “Help Me to Do It Myself: The Role of Practical Life in the Montessori Classroom.” We talked about how to involve children in daily domestic tasks. It was especially wonderful to hear the great ideas for practical life in the home environment that were shared by the parents! One child is helping to prepare food and another is helping to feed the pet dog each day. Small children develop an enormous sense of pride by doing important work in their environment.

The phrase “Help me to do it myself” reminds us that they still need help on the journey towards independence. Think creatively about what parts of their routine they can participate in. Could they finish zipping up their jacket? Could they close the velcro straps on their shoes? Could they help to add ingredients to a baking project? It will most certainly take longer to accomplish the task but it promises to be more peaceful, and more fun.

Ms. Gervais.


Lyonsgate Montessori student with the results of his flower arranging work.

Greetings from Casa,

Last Thursday, we held our first Casa parent get-together where we were happy to share our understanding and practice regarding the importance of “The Secret of Childcare.” In a word, this secret is really all about the practice and outcomes of consistency in the daily lives of your children.

We outlined how and why we work at maintaining consistent schedules and routines, particularly during transitions from one space or activity to another in our classrooms. These times of transition included: drop off, lunch, nap, recess, as well as toileting. The parents in attendance shared their own experiences at home, along with some great tips.

Briefly, we know that children adapt quickly to routines when they are consistently practised; they feel secure when they know what to expect and when boundaries are familiar. They may not always (or ever) express appreciation for them, but they do function much better when they are in place. Children settle into regular patterns, relax, and begin to make more and more intellectual, social, and physical progress.

Notes regarding clothing — please leave umbrellas at home, avoid knit gloves and mittens (water resistant are best), and check how independent they can be with dressing and undressing themselves. Please label everything.

We hope to see you at the next get-together,

The Casa Team.


Due to the P.D. Day last Friday, photos and captions from the Classroom Historians will be included in our next weekly update. Please read below for other announcements and dates to keep in mind. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

Marissa and Michelle.


Your child recently brought home a Scholastic book flyer, offering discounts on books for families and encouraging a love of reading. If you would like to be included in our October shipment, please place your family’s online Scholastic order by Thursday, October 26th. Orders placed from the October flyer after that date will be included in our November shipment.

When you place an order online, your family’s order will be grouped together into one class shipment, and all the books will be sent to the school. We’ll let you know when your order has arrived. Please let us know if there are any surprise or gift items in your order you would like to be kept hidden from your child and we’ll set it aside for you to pick up discreetly.

Upper Elementary Outing — Thursday, October 26

Upper Elementary students are reminded to be prepared with their red Lyonsgate t-shirt, their Presto card, and comfortable footwear for this month’s outing. The students will be taking public transit up the escarpment and hiking back down to the lower city using the Bruce Trail. Students are welcome to bring along a simple nut-free snack and light-weight water bottle.

Brott Education Concert — Thursday, November 2

We are very excited for the upcoming Brott Education Concert! The whole class will be travelling by chartered school bus to the First Ontario Concert Hall for a morning with the orchestra and their special program, “The Search for the Magic of Music.” Students are reminded to wear their red Lyonsgate t-shirts on field trips.

LRS Conferences — Friday, November 17

Our next P.D. Day is Friday, November 17. Our learning resource specialist, Kim Fiocca, will be available for conferences with parents. If your child regularly works with Kim, you’ll receive an email to sign-up for a conference time slot in the coming weeks.

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