Hello Lyonsgate Community,

Next Friday, Nov. 26, is a PA day for the first set of parent-teacher conferences of the school year. If you have not had a chance to sign up yet, please do so by clicking here.

We have a number of items for you this week, and will be back to full classroom updates next week (but we do have a gallery of photos for you). Please see below for:

Winter Wear and Weather

With the winter weather definitely on the way, we want to remind everyone to please check the weather forecast each day to make sure students have the outdoor gear they need to stay warm and dry. You can check the forecast from the Home page at lyonsgate.ca; that link has been set for the forecast in the Aberdeen & Locke area.

A few tips for winter wear:

  • Please label everything clearly and conspicuously.
  • Avoid cloth or knit mittens when there’s snow on the ground; they become wet and hands get cold.
  • Seek out boots, coats, snowpants, etc., that students can put on and take off on their own (as much as possible).
  • Plan for extra time in the mornings to encourage independent dressing at home. Practice at home also helps set your child up for confidence and success.
  • Label everything! (Thank you).

Lyonsgate Clothing Now Available

If you need some warm new clothing, we are very happy to announce that Lyonsgate clothing is once again available. Over the last few years we have been seeking a Canadian supplier and are happy to say that we have found a local company. Fresh Image Print will host a webstore for Lyonsgate where you can order Lyonsgate merchandise until Nov. 28. Items are available in toddler to adult sizes and if all goes as planned, will be delivered to Lyonsgate for distribution in time for the holiday season.

Shoeboxes for Elementary

If anyone has any extra shoeboxes taking up space, our Elementary campus is looking for them for their community involvement charitable activity — The Shoebox Project. More details next week from the Elementary students! They can be dropped off at either campus. Thank you.

Lyonsgate Toy Drive

As the holiday season approaches Lyonsgate will once again be holding a toy drive to support the Salvation Army. We are seeking new and unwrapped toys suitable for children up to age 14. The Salvation Army has let us know that they are very low on toys for children this year. Please drop off toys at the Lyonsgate Primary campus up to December 15. Thank you.


The Elementary students were thrilled to go out into the community for Physical Education classes this week and find new opportunities to challenge themselves.  Whether they were improving their push-ups, learning to use a high block against an attacker, or climbing all the way to the ceiling, everyone showed tremendous discipline and courage in pursuing their goals.  We are grateful for this wonderful neighbourhood and our community partners, United Family Martial Arts and Gravity Climbing Gym. — Marissa and Michelle

Upcoming COVID-19 Measures

We have received direction from the Ministry of Education regarding COVID measures related to the winter break and information from Hamilton Public Health regarding vaccinations for children:

  • Validation of screening will once again be in effect for at least the first two weeks following the winter break. You will once again find screening forms for Primary, Elementary, and Staff when we return to school on Jan. 3, 2022.
  • International travel: unvaccinated children under the age of 12 who travel internationally with a fully vaccinated companion are exempt from federal quarantine but are not permitted to attend school or child care for 14 days following their return.

We are asked to direct all families to the federal testing and quarantine requirements found here: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid

  • Vaccinations for Children: as you have likely heard, COVID vaccinations for 5-11 year-olds have been approved. There will be two child-friendly clinics in Hamilton, at Limeridge Mall and at Centre on Barton. Hamilton Public Health and McMaster University are developing video resources to show what to expect at the clinics and to address needle anxiety in children. A “Town Hall” is also being planned to share information with and answer questions from parents; in addition, child-specific educational resources will be available, as well as ambassadors to communicate in a wide variety of languages. Info and resources will most likely be posted on this Public Health web page.

Photo Gallery

If you would ever like the digital file of a photo of your child, please email jason@lyonsgate.ca with a brief description of the photo. You can click on any image to open a slideshow, and from the slideshow you can view photos in a fullscreen view.