Hello Lyonsgate Families,

This Friday, Nov. 17, is a PD Day and both Lyonsgate campuses will be closed.

Elementary Families:

  • If you still need to sign up for an LRS conference with Kim on Friday, please do so using the link in the update email.
  • Rock climbing at Gravity Climbing Gym is coming up on Dec. 1. Please see the Elementary section for details of the waiver requirement.

Casa and Toddler Families:

  • Show & Share is coming up the week of Nov. 27-30. Show & Share is an opportunity for Montessori students to invite their parents into the classrooms to show them some of the materials they work with and takes place at the end of the school day. You will be visiting the classroom with up to 5 other families. Please see your update email for the sign-up link.

All Families:

  • Parent-Teacher conferences are Friday, Dec. 8. Sign-up for 20-minute time slots will be available next week. There is no school that day, but child care is available during your conference.




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Lyonsgate Montessori Toddler student exploring a pumpkin, inside and out.Lyonsgate Montessori Toddler student exploring a pumpkin, inside and out.Lyonsgate Montessori Toddler student exploring a pumpkin, inside and out.

Hello Toddler Community,

This past week was a quiet week. A virus kept some of the children home for most of the week. By the end of the week many had returned and the room felt busy and dynamic again. When children are away the other children really notice and feel their absence.

They ask about each other and some can easily name all of the absent children. Everything in the environment — the activities, the furniture, and even the people, the teachers and the other children, become points of reference for the children. They rely on the predictability of the environment and small changes disrupt their sense of order. They notice these details because they are developmentally sensitive to order during these early years.

Young children have a remarkable ability to absorb an enormous amount of information and skills within a very short time. While they are gathering impressions of the world they are also busy classifying and categorizing this information. During this time they are seeking order to make sense of the world. You might notice your child lining up shoes in the hallway or building a Lego tower out of only blue blocks. The other day we witnessed a child get up out of his chair to move the mop from one hook over to the other hook because that is where it goes. Things that are out of place and people that are missing are noticed. We were so happy to welcome back our friends after they had been away.

Ms. Gervais.


Lyonsgate Montessori student painting a poppy for Remembrance Day.

Bonjour la Famille Lyonsgate,

Bonjour au retour des matinées froide d’automne!

As the days get shorter and colder, here in Casa North our students are practicing their “clothes” French vocabulary and cold/hot activity (chaud/froid).

Lots of interactions are happening in the cloakroom:

  • “Aidez-moi s’il vous plaît. Merci.” “de Rien!”
  • “Aidez-moi avec mon manteau zip-zip, Madame” (It is a funny one!).

Currently, we are working on two different songs:

  • “Une Souris Verte”
  • “Fais Dodo, Colas mon Petit Frère” (It’s a French lullaby for young kids)

We enjoyed reading books of Carlos (Ex. Carlos, Le Carlin …La Star, Le Tricheur, and Le Touriste, written by Aaron Blabey). Carlos is the most selfish and grumpy pug in the world. The children love those books and always laugh loudly.

Last Friday, we did a group circle where we discussed Remembrance Day, read a story, and listened to trumpet music. During the last week, we made poppies (we cut, glued, and painted them with a black center) and encouraged the children to wear them on Remembrance Day.

Passez une bonne semaine.

Mme Murati, Casa North.


Lyonsgate Montessori Elementary students making rangoli for Diwali.

It’s Getting Cold!

Please remind your Elementary child to bring cold weather items such as gloves, a hat, and coat to school. Even if your child doesn’t plan on wearing them, they may find themselves wanting these items during our 45-minute outdoor time or when working or attending lessons outdoors. Thank you!

LRS Conferences — Friday November 17

Our next P.D. Day is Friday, November 17. Our learning resource specialist, Kim Fiocca, will be available for conferences with parents. If your child regularly works with Kim, please use the link in your update email to sign-up for a conference time by Wednesday, November 15. Child care is available for students whose parents are in conference.

Gravity Climbing Waiver and Details

Students in years 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the Elementary program will be rock climbing at Gravity Climbing Gym.

Waiver info from Gravity: Each climber will need a completed Gravity Climbing Gym Release Form. The release must be signed by their own parent or court appointed legal guardian. Participants who have attended events within the last 2 years at Gravity may already have a waiver on file but we recommend you call us to confirm. The form can be completed online at the following address: http://www.gravityclimbinggym.com/release-form

When completed, parents will receive a pdf copy of the signed form. Please print this pdf and send it in to school with your child. This gives Lyonsgate the ability to verify that each participant has a completed waiver prior to the day of the event. Lyonsgate will bring these forms on the day of the event to speed up the check in process.

from the Classroom Historians

Last week we were celebrating Diwali and so you can see a lot of people working on rangoli. We also had a lot of elements research, as you can see in some of the photos below. A lot of kids were making flowers and other stuff for Remembrance Day, which was this weekend. I saw a lot of people French knitting, working on projects, and doing all sorts of math. The sixth year students were working on percentages. There is definitely a lot of art in the school. I saw a lot of sketching and colouring.


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