Good Morning Lyonsgate Families,

Reminder: this Friday, Jan. 26, is a PD Day and both Lyonsgate campuses will be closed.




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Construction Update: we had an exciting week last week as the Primary campus’s new roof and heating system installation moved to the rooftop above Lyonsgate. There were trucks and cranes and noise from above. We commend the work crews for accommodating to our presence and needs as they paused work while children were nearby, and for working through the bitter cold and snow. It’s been amazing to see the children’s capabilities of working through these distractions, and their gift of concentration throughout this process. We are extremely grateful to all of you for your patience and understanding as we look forward with excitement to the  improvements to the building.

Summer Camps: While we suffer enjoy the winter weather, please be aware that registrations for summer camps will open soon. The City of Hamilton posted last week that registration for Camp Kidaca summer camps begins February 7 at 8:00 a.m.! For more info and to register, visit Here are few more summer camp listings:


Lyonsgate Montessori Toddler students examining their pressed leaves and flowers.
Lyonsgate Montessori Toddler students examining their pressed leaves and flowers.

This week in the Toddler classroom, we have been experiencing a lot of banging and drilling over our heads because the school is in the process of getting a new roof. Initially, some children were disturbed by the loud noises, but as the week went by most of them became accustomed to the sounds and were able to sleep through it! Toddlers are remarkably adaptable.

They take great comfort in their routine and familiar habits but they can accept interruptions and disruption when it is explained to them what is going on. We let them know that the roofers were using various tools and that they were doing their work and that it would be finished soon. We overheard another child telling a friend, “Don’t worry. It’s just the roofers using their tools. It will be over soon.” One child used humour to cope with the drilling noise by stating, “It sounds like a fart!” It was nice to witness such kindness, resilience, and healthy coping skills.

Outside, we are busy putting mittens and hats back on the toddlers during recess. Naturally, it takes a bit longer to get everyone ready to go outside with all of their cold weather gear. If you have time to allow your toddler to practice doing some of the work of getting dressed independently it would really help us here at school. They can pull their legs through their snow pants and find their feet. They might be able to finish zipping up their jacket once you have started it. They can step their feet into their boots while holding onto a wall or a piece of furniture for balance, and they can work on putting on their own hat. Mittens are a bit tricky. We find that putting the coat on after the mittens helps to keep them on a bit longer.

Ms. Gervais.


Lyonsgate Montessori Casa student sorting hot and cold en francais.
Lyonsgate Montessori Casa student sorting hot and cold en francais.

Salut tout le monde!

On commence très bien l’année!

Here we are, already started our second term. The children have adjusted very well after being away for the winter break.

They have been enjoying some new and familiar activities; some with different objects to enrich the French vocabulary.

We have been counting whenever the opportunity arises and singing some of my favourites:

  • Le petit navire
  • Sur le pont d’Avignon
  • Dans mon sac à dos
  • Tête, épaules, genoux…
  • Les jours de la semaine
  • Des chansons échos

Books are such great resources to help expand vocabulary, imagination, and knowledge. If you have any French children’s books at home, please feel free to send them with your child to share with their friends. Merci!

À la prochaine!

Mme Perazzo.


Lyonsgate Montessori Elementary student kicking the shield during martial arts phys. ed.
Lyonsgate Montessori Elementary student kicking the shield during martial arts phys. ed.

The Elementary students were busy last week with new explorations in geography, history, and art! Many students continued their study of the physical earth, learning more about the different layers of the Earth, its tectonic plates, and the build-up of sedimentary layers. In history, Upper Elementary students developed their vocabulary around the different phases of history, learning about the transition of some cultures from pastoralism to an agricultural lifestyle. Lower Elementary students were excited to learn more about the style of Eric Carle, and began their own process of preparing painted papers, based on warm or cool colours, for future cut-and-paste creations. The students had a great time visiting the karate dojo again, with enthusiastic cries of “ki-yah” as they pummeled the kickboxing bags or practiced their jab-cross punch combinations.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

Marissa and Michelle.

Upper Elementary Outing — Thursday, January 25

Upper Elementary students are reminded to be prepared with their red Lyonsgate t-shirt, their Presto card, and comfortable footwear for this month’s outing. The students will be taking public transit to Princess Point for a winter hike. Students are welcome to bring along a simple, nut-free snack and light-weight water bottle, and should be prepared for mud!

January Scholastic Order

Your child recently brought home a Scholastic book flyer, offering discounts on books for families and encouraging a love of reading. Many popular series and children’s classics are available through the monthly flyers, with even more titles listed on their website. Every purchase you make from Scholastic earns bonus bucks for our classroom, which we use for new library books, art supplies, and music materials.

If you would like to be included in our January shipment, please place your family’s online Scholastic order by Friday, January 26th.

To receive free shipping, simply include our class code RC144312 when checking out, and your order will be grouped together with others from the school, and shipped to campus.

Orders placed from the January flyer after that date will be included in our February order. Please let us know if there are any surprise or gift items in your order you would like to be kept hidden from your child, and we’ll set it aside for you to pick up discreetly. Happy reading!

from the Classroom Historians

Lyonsgate Montessori Elementary students creating Eric Carle-style art.
1 years are lerning how to paint with tempra paint like Eric Carle.
Lyonsgate Montessori Elementary students working with compasses.
Ther using 1 shape and creating a picsher out of it.
Lyonsgate Montessori Elementary student practicing pronunciation.
One of the things that we lern with Kim is pronouncing words.
Lyonsgate Montessori Elementary student practicing spelling by syllables.
1 years also lern how to rite 1, 2, 3, or 4 syllable words.


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