Hello Lyonsgate Families,

We hope you’re all enjoying a great long weekend. Remember to keep an eye on your Lyonsgate calendar as we approach the end of the school year. This week, there is an Elementary Parent Education event, and sign-up for Parent-Teacher Conferences on June 2 continues (see the email “June Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-Up” from May 17).

There is also important information about Elementary summer camps for parents of Elementary students and 3rd-year Casa students going to Elementary in September. See the Elementary section below.




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Thank you to all of you that were able to attend our Parent Education event this week. It always means a lot to us to be able to share more of what we do.

Even though it was a short week, every day it’s own adventure in the Toddler room, and this week was no exception. We had butterflies emerge and fly away, and we had some new (to us) construction truck toys donated to us from a neighbour of the school. Between those, the small construction vehicles we have in the classroom, and the real life excavator, bobcat, and dump truck we’ve had working beside the playground for the last couple of weeks, we’ve all been quite excited about construction.

At this time of year, we also have a lot of big steps being taken with toilet learning. A number of Toddlers are now proudly wearing just underwear to school, and throughout the day. Great work!

Mr. Davis.


This week was very exciting; we had painted lady caterpillars emerge from their suspended chrysalides as butterflies.

The children observed the life stages for a few weeks and they were very excited to meet their classrooms butterflies. Casa North named them: Buttercup, Pizza, and Butterscotch.

Every time we sang the “Bonjour Song” the butterflies emerged. The children thought it was their singing that made the caterpillars become butterflies.

Our students also enjoyed a sound game book written by Marion Arbona. They have to find objects for each letter of the alphabet.

Happy Victoria Day!

Mme Murati.

Reminder: if you would like your child to wear sunscreen, please send in a clearly and permanently labeled bottle. Thank you.


Last week, students explored language through a variety of activities. Many of the students have recently been enthusiastically adding to their repertoire of phonograms through card drills, writing activities, and Spelling Races. Some of the youngest students had a lot of fun generating noun family phrases and using them to create their own booklets, while others have been adding to their personal spelling dictionaries or discussing how a word can act as a noun or verb depending on how it is used in a sentence. The older students have focused on analyzing and composing complex sentences with dependent clauses while researching and writing biographies.

Students are eagerly anticipating the performance of the French plays that they have been preparing this term. They have been excited to move their rehearsals into the backyard. As well as their enthusiasm for acting en français, the students have embraced the task of acquiring costumes. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces have turned into set design workshops as children glue, paint, and assemble sets. We are all looking forward to seeing their interpretations of Boucle de Violette and Trois Petits Cochons!

Have a great week,

Michelle and Marissa.

Parent Education Event – French in our Elementary Environment – Thursday, May 25, 3:30 – 4:15

Please join us after school on Thursday, May 25, for a parent education presentation with our French instructor, Anne. She will be speaking with you how we approach second language learning and demonstrating some of the French materials for independent work. If you are planning to attend, RSVP to elementary@lyonsgate.ca how many adults are expected and whether your children will be staying for child care.

All Elementary students will be traveling to the HAAA at 3:20 that day ahead of the parent presentation. Students whose families are attending the parent education event will be included in aftercare until 4:30 p.m. All other students will be dismissed from the park between 3:30 – 3:45.

Final Days to Register for Summer Camp!

If your child is interested in attending our Montessori Summer Camp for elementary students, this is the final week for registration. Choose from a week of art and film-making or a session dedicated to exploring a variety of cultures from around the world. Casa students who are joining the Elementary program in the fall are welcome to register and get acquainted with some of their new classmates before September.

We need a minimum number of campers to offer this program, and unfortunately, if we do not have sufficient registration by the end of this week, summer camp will be canceled and fees refunded.

Field Trip to Crawford Lake

On Tuesday, June 6th, the Elementary students will be taking a field trip to learn more about the Haudenosaunee with a visit to Crawford Lake. Students will be traveling by chartered school bus, and off-campus for the majority of the school day. More details to come!

Save-the-Date: Elementary Graduation – Thursday, June 22 at 3:00 p.m.

The Elementary class will have a small ceremony on the last day of school to celebrate those students who are moving up from Lyonsgate to middle school this fall. Graduating sixth year students are welcome to invite two adult family members to attend the celebration.

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