Janice Egan

French Elementary Assistant

In 2000 Mme. Egan had the very good fortune to find a wonderful Montessori school for her two eldest children when they were preschool age and living in south-eastern Washington State. For four years her children learned enthusiastically, while Mme. Egan volunteered in the classroom, organized fundraisers and sat on the board of directors. Many years later she sought a Montessori for her third child, who also had a wonderful learning experience in the Montessori classroom.

Mme. Egan, having achieved a M.A. in French at McMaster University, began teaching French in a Montessori school.  The Montessori environment offers myriad opportunities to learn French in a fun and positive way. Originally from Ireland, Canada has been her home for over 20 years. In her spare time she loves to read, knit, run and garden. These are also things she loves to do with the children she teaches.