Charlotte Moffatt

Montessori Guide

Miss Moffatt was raised in Grimsby, Ontario and is the middle child in a family of 9. She has been working with children since she was 13, as a babysitter, a camp counselor, an art teacher, and a Montessori directress. Miss Moffatt has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ryerson University where she studied costume and set design. While teaching an art class to a group of Montessori students she instantly fell in love and redirected her career path towards Montessori Education. She has an A.M.I. Casa Diploma from the Foundation of Montessori Education in Toronto. Miss Moffatt has worked in as a directress in New York City, USA, and London, England, and is thrilled to call Hamilton and Lyonsgate home. In her spare time she loves to travel, sew, hike, cook vegetarian food, read, learn guitar and spend time with her friends and family.